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Buddhai Sawan Sword Fighting Institute. The name means " The Free and Brave Buddha's Heaven" after the first Royal Temple to be built under the command of  King Uthong in A. D. 1350, soldiers were sent for  the specialized and rigorous training to become instructors of the King.  Once peace was restored, war could break out again without notice, particularly since the flow of information was slow. Therefore, in order to be well prepared to defend their homeland, they would be taught at the temple the fighting skills.

The Buddhai Sawan Temple could also be considered a Military/ Police Academy of those times, and among the students at the Royal Temple were King Taksin, the ruler of Thonburi, the third Capital of Siam, and Pra Budda Yod Fha Julaloke, who was the founder of Bangkok, which became the fourth and present Capital in 1782. The existing Buddhai Sawan Institute is a direct spiritual descendant of King Ramathibodi I original school.   It owes its existence to the belief and perseverance of one man, the late Por Kruh Samai Mesamarn, who was the last remaining Grandmaster of the Buddhai Sawan Institute.

 Por Kruh was born in 1914 at Tambon Ban Thani, Maha Rat District, in Ayutthaya. He is the direct descendant of warriors and noblemen who served the courts of Krung Kao (Ayutthaya)  and the early Chakri dynasty and who were once responsible for saving the King. (see Arjarn Samai).

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