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  The USMTA "United States Muay Thai Association Inc.", was formed in 1990, by Khun Clint Heyliger, Mr. Lucas Cotte III, Anthony Enright, of New York, Kru Suuan Kevin Jakub, of Atlanta, Georgia, The late Mikhal Caldwell, of Detroit, Michigan, Kru Leon Bonewizc of Connecticut, and Kru Suuan Nirmalya Bhowmick of San Jose, California. The Organization was officially recognized by the British Thai Boxing Council, where in 1991 the USMTA became their official U. S. representative. The BTBC represented the USMTA in Bangkok, Thailand during a meetings with the (IMTA) International Muay Thai Association in 1993

  The USMTA produced first western English language magazine for Muay Thai in the USA, "Muay Thai U. S. Kick Boxing News International" (MTUSKBN) International, later to become known as MTI "Muay Thai International", and was invited to become a member of the European Muay Thai Association of Amsterdam. The USMTA then became registered as a none profit organization in 1993, and founded the Official American Muay Thai Judge and Referee Association,

  In 1994, the USMTA became affiliated to the (EMTU), European Muay Thai Union of Italy, became a member of the World Muay Thai Council (WMTC), Amateur Muay Thai Association of Thailand (AMTAT), International Federation Muay Associations (IFMA) of Bangkok, Thailand. The association joined as a member of the (ABC), Association of Boxing Commissioners USA. The ABC recognized the standard Rules and Regulations of the USMTA governing the sport of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) in the United States. In 1995 the association's Judge and Referee officials were invited to officiate at the SEA * GAMES, South East Asian Olympics in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


   In 1996 the association was invited to send its national "Team Muay Thai-USA" to Uttarradit, Thailand, to compete in the prestigious 'Princes Cup' of Thailand International World Muay Thai Amateur Championships, promoted by the Amateur Muay Thai Association of Thailand, and the International Amateur Federation of Muay Associations. Team Muay Thai-USA became the first American National Amateur Muay Thai team, ever to enter an international event on Thai soil representing the United States of America.


   In 1997, the association became the first U. S. Martial arts organization to be registered as a member of the Asia Society.  A prestigious organization for promoting the political, cultural and business sector of Asia.  


   Muay Thai Boxing has become one of the most popular ring martial arts in the past two decades. It has created an exciting view of competitive martial arts, short enough to keep spectators attention, (3 to 5 rounds), yet long enough to gain it International recognition as the ring sport of the future.

    Behind the scenes of American Muay Thai is a large network that administers, governs and regulates the sport in the United States. This unity of officials, coaches, trainers, judges, referee’s and administrators, are what makes the United States Muay Thai Association Inc. one of the most respected organizations in the world today. The USMTA is Internationally recognized in 167 countries on all five continents, as the force behind American Muay Thai.

   22 countries use the rules and regulations of the USMTA, the South African Government has acknowledged the rules and regulations laid down by the USMTA who with the support of the (BTBC) British Thai Boxing Council, produced this information for the South African Muay Thai Association, the USMTA, & BTBC also helped produce the International rules and regulations for Thailand, the mother country of the sport.

   The USMTA as the National governing body for American Muay Thai is the ‘United States’ member organization of the IFMA, AMTAT, WMTC, EMTU, WAMTO, WMTF, and ABC. As National governing body, the USMTA is responsible for administration, development and promotion of today's International style Muay Thai in the United States.


   With its National & International Headquarters based in New York City, the USMTA endorses a host of programs - from developing the sport and its athletes at local, Regional and National levels, to raising sponsorship for National and International competitions and selecting the U. S. National teams (TEAM MUAY THAI-USA) for International events including the coveted ‘Prince’s Cup’ of Thailand and the highly coveted ‘King’s Cup’ of Thailand.

    Included in the series of International events are the ‘America’s Cup’, the Inter-Nations Championships, the Tri-Nations Championship, the up-coming Caribbean series, ‘Coconut Cup’ and the ‘Arawak Cup’ Championships’ and the World Championships.

   The USMTA has governed Amateur & Professional Muay Thai in the United States since 1991. It not only sanctions National and International events where it concerns U. S. fighters, but also promotes training seminars for the Judges and Referees, and Officials to help athletes, coaches and trainers understand the accepted International fighting techniques.

   The USMTA is comprised of several committees, The NatCom and the Tri-NatCom, with 6 regional Directors 48 State Directors a National Judge & Referee organization (AMTJRA),  This union forms the backbone of the USMTA in the United States.

   The USMTA sanctions both the Amateur & Professional Leagues comprising of 32 titles per state, 32 titles within the Tri-state boundaries, 32 titles within each of the 6 regions, 32 titles on the east coast and 32 titles on the west coast leading up to the 32 U. S. National Titles - as well as he Tri-nation, Intern nation and international competitions held on U. S. soil.

   The USMTA has some of the top coaches and officials in the world who continue in instructional courses from some of the best international teachers, and from Thailand’s top instructors, producing the most highly recognized American instructors, officials and trainers in the sport today.


   The top Muay Thai fighters in the country compete throughout the year in events leading up to the national U. S. championships and a place on the national teams (Team Muay Thai-USA). To be chosen as a team member, fighters must first compete and win titles within their own state or region. Through this series of tournaments fighters compete against the ‘best of the best’ athlete from across the country. the U. S. national Championships is the primary basis of selection for Team Muay Thai - USA that will compete in championship competitions.

   Top ranked amateurs and professionals in the USA are selected by the NatCom (National Committee) represent the United States, not only on their athletic ability but also on their understanding of the sport they participate in, their passion to succeed not only in Muay Thai, but in the field of academic knowledge, to act as role models to the youth of America and to present the very best of American sportsmen whenever Team Muay Thai - USA appears.

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