The  "AFL" Africa League

The USMTA's Africa League (AFL), a Muay Thai league dedicated to the Muay Thai competitors and athletes  from the nations and countries of the African Continent. Countries already members of the league include Sierra Leone, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Morocco and Algeria. Founded in 2010 we welcome the AFL. The emblem of the AF league contains the continent of Africa with the initials AFL and the white star of the association. The Thai fighter in the stance of the ritual Ram Muay, the Thai fighters ceremonial dance.

Above the continent are emblazoned the words in red 'AFRICA LEAGUE', and below the continent are the the same words "Africa League"  in Thai characters. It is by pure coincidence that the AFL emblem became official on the day of December 5th 2013, the same day the great international peace maker Nelson Mandela passed away.

AFL design by Arjarn Clint Heyliger.

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