Por Kru Samai Messamarn Memorial

By Arjarn Tony Moore  2007

" A gentleman and a fighter, Por Kru Samai Messamarn, famous throughout Buddhai Swan.  At the age of 84 years old he was still fighting expertly. He created the Institute for the good people of Ayutthaya  Despite 10,000 obstacles and 100,000 thorns (problems), He stood, never scared, as a courageous man. Buddhai Swan is resilient, brave and well-known  Por Kru passed away from students who loved him the most. Buddhai Swan is like a broken Sai branch. Forever repeating teachings, night and day,  Forever chanting (Buddhist chants). When students make mistakes, Por Kru is there to correct us. He teaches and gives us morals and protection.  From here on, Por Kru is no longer here to support us. No matter which way we look, we cannot find him and we are worried. We students remember his commands as they were taught exactly. The honorable Buddhai Swanís Five Tenets (based upon Buddhism). Every command inspires us.     We follow the words of Por Kru at all times. We oppose all who think ill of Buddhai Swan. We will not forgive those villains. We wish for those aggressors to receive their retribution. We wish this retribution onto their bloodline until it is destroyed. Please sleep Por Kru. Please sleep and be happy, Because the vision you started is still alive. We will teach further generations as you wished. Please acknowledge this and please give us your blessing. "

Por Kru Samai Messamarn was regarded by all who knew him as a gentleman and a fighter. He was responsible for re-establishing Buddhai Swan as a sword-fighting institute for the good people of Ayutthaya. Up to the age of 84 years old, he continued to teach Krabi Krabong and was a skilled expert with no equal. Despite encountering many problems in running the school, Por Kru remained brave, strong and resilient, in much the same way that Buddhai Swan has remained brave, strong2 and resilient over hundreds of years.

Now, Por Kru has passed away from the students who loved him more than anyone else, leaving

Buddhai Swan like a great Sai tree3 with a broken branch, never able to heal properly.

Por Kru taught his students morals and gave them protection. His students believed that Por Kru would always be there to correct mistakes and provide guidance, but now that he has gone his students have become anxious. Por Kruís students continue to follow his teachings exactly as they were taught, the most important being Buddhai Swanís Five Tenets4 (adopted from Buddhism). Por Kruís students are still inspired by his commands and follow them at all times.

Por Kruís students rigorously defend the name and honor of Buddhai Swan and show no forgiveness towards those who try to damage the school in any way. Now, Por Kruís students wish him happiness and rest, promising to pass on his teachings to future generations as he would have wished.

  • ĎPor Kruí literally translates to ĎFather-Teacherí.
  • Here, the memorial poem points out how Por Kru and Buddhai Swan have the same characteristics, i.e. brave, strong and resilient
  • A ĎSaií tree is often found in Thai temples and is characterized by its long branches that reach to the ground and its strong roots that grow around the trunk and support the tree. In the poem, Buddhai Swan is compared to a great Sai tree with one of its branches broken, symbolizing the impact of Por Kruís death upon the institute and its students.
  • The Five Precepts for a moral foundation in Buddhism are
    1. No killing
    2. No stealing
    3. No sexual misconduct
    4.  No lying 
    5. No intoxicating substances