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Muay Chao Cherk style fighting is part of the original old style of Siamese empty hand fighting dating over some 1’000 years or so. Nai Khanom D’tom the famous Thai historical figure depicted on the AMTJRA emblem, who fought against the Burmese using Chao Cherk or old style Siamese fighting. The system has developed into today’s sport of Thai boxing. The Thai’s are proud of their ancient history and their fighting arts Chao Cherk is part of the Krabi Krabong unarmed fighting system, depicted in the ancient drawings of the Chapasurat manual.

Today, the sport version of Muay Chao Cherk has arrived in style and is spearheaded by the USMTA in the United States. The format for Muay Chao Cherk allows larger fighters who have knowledge of Muay Thai with an understanding of other fighting systems, and wishes to utilize all the techniques that are available to him in a standard, but regulated "freestyle" environment.

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