Great services for fighters or athletes training as an amateur or as a professional of any sports..


"...Mental Training is producing far better athletes, this has been shown to work in many sports. In the world of combative sports, mental training is beginning to show respectable results..."

currently ranked 1st in the Northeast MMA Rankings, in his Division. He is also a Graduate student and Consultant in the field of Sport Psychology. Since 2011 he has worked with various coaches and athletes from the high school level all the way to the Professional level on concepts such as:


Individual sessions with personalized Mental Training Programs (MTP's) as well as team workshops all with a focus on achieving your Peak Performance. For inquiries and fees email Evan Velez at or call (718) 710-2252.


"Through the services of Evan Velez, I was better able to narrow my focus and cancel out irrelevant distractions during my training and matches"

- Oliver Lopez, International Greco Roman Wrestler

I worked with Evan for help getting over mental hurdles in competition, which as we all know can make or break an athlete.  Without a strong mental game, no matter how skilled you are or how much technical ability you have, eventually you will hit a wall.  Evan helped me to break down all of the things I should not be focused on and to recognize the small amount of things I actually should be concerned about.

- Crystal "Little Miss Sunshine" Parrish, Professional Muay Thai Fighter 


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