Mike Martelle founded the ASWA in 2010 to recognize and better facilitate communication and brotherhood amongst the far-flung grappling clubs of Canada's north. The logo includes an Inuksuk symbol, and incorporates the traditional colors of the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. The text, in Inuktitut, reads "Arctic Submission Wrestling Association".
Thus far, the ASWA has extended membership to both the NWT Judo Association and Judo Nunavut, as well as individual members and dojo's of those organizations. The ASWA also has representatives in Ontario in Quebec, and is a member of the International Submission Wrestling Alliance and is additionally recognized by the All-Japan Joint Technique Federation.

The ASWA  was recognized as a legitimate association  and was accepted as a member of the NAL's (Native American League) (MCC- NHB) in  2010


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