The Official Officers badge of the USMTA

This is the Official USMTA Officers, Directors and Representatives and International representatives badge of the association.

 All Officers are required to show and or display the official badge at all functions and events pertaining to his or her duties. All USMTA officers should contact the National  Headquarters for further information.

 President Office: Arjarn Clint Heyliger    Email:

Arjarn Clint Heyliger, is the founder of the USMTA, the AMTJRA and the AMTO, has been a veteran of martial arts for 42 years. He has studied several martial arts disciplines including Shotokan, Judo, Kendo, Kung-Fu (Black Tiger system), Muay Thai and Chao Cherk,  under instructors, Sken, Ronnie Green, Tony Moore. Has been recognized by the late Arjarn Sammai Grandmaster of Buddhai Sawan Institute of Swordsmanship, of Bangkok.

  He is credited with pushing the USMTA to the forefront of American Muay Thai, became a member of the WMTC, WMTF,  AMTAT, WAMTO.   He is currently the only U.S. instructor in the rare 'Chun Ghoy ' Combat fighting system taught by the late Grandmasters Louis and Thomas Reed. He specialized in blade training and combat  concepts qualified in CQB , has instructed members of the DEA and NYPD , Navy Seals, and Federal Officers of the Justice Department. He has been employed as a 'Professional bodyguard',  and is  currently a member of the diplomatic corp. Member of the CBKBT Hall of Fame.
Senior Vice Presidents:
Kru Suuan  Paulo Tocha Email:   

Born in South Africa of Portuguese descent, Paulo trained in Thailand because he wanted to learn "real" Muay Thai. Through his determination and fortitude he was accepted as a student in Thailand  at the Sithani Kul Camp which at that time was not an easy task for a  foreigner. Currently.  When Paulo's trainers thought he was ready to compete, he got fights which was a first for a Westerner.

He was given the fighting name of "Lemb", which means a thick piece of bamboo cut very sharply at an angle. It's commonly used in traps and for hunting. When a fighter receives a name, it just kind of happens, with the trainer choosing the name and it sticks to the fighter throughout his career. So, "Lemb" had a very respectable career as a fighter with many of his fights being underground matches which are truly brutal and separate the boys from the men.

From Thailand, Paulo traveled to the People's Republic of China where he was once again the first foreigner to fight and win. The fight was an International event with many Thais, Brits and Canadians competing.   Paulo tries to encourage the proper promotion of Muay Thai in America and to eventually show the rest of the World that the United States can be a competitive force in Thai Boxing.


A highly respected martial artist, with a 300 win documented fight record. He is highly ranked in several disciplines of martial arts and is a skillful seminar and course instructor. He is classified as a tenacious and formidable opponent once he steps into the ring or on to the mat, and has become highly recommended by many State and Governmental branches for his instructional courses.
Kru Suuan Jakub had been instructed in the martial art disciplines of Thailand for 15 years, under the late Arjarn Chen Chai, one of Thailand's the top instructors to the Royal Thai Military, and is probably one of very few foreign instructors of Muay Chao Chur (Old Style) combat Muay Thai  in the USA today. He  continues his Thai martial art instruction under, Arjarn  Tony Moore of the BTBC (British Thai Boxing Council).

He is currently under-going private instruction in the rare and extremely and efficient 'Chun Ghoy ' Combat fighting system. A 1'500 year old All Asian fighting art was introduced to the West by the late Grandmasters Louis and Thomas Reed, in the early 1970's. He  is known for his 'tough and exciting training courses' for the serious martial artist and Muay Thai ring fighter, where he takes the normal methods of ring training 4 steps beyond.

Kru Suuan Nirmalya Bhowmick  Email:

Dr. Nirmalya Bhowmick is the founder/chairman of the Henley-Putnam University. Nationally Accredited degree granting University offering bachelors, masters and doctorate programs in Intelligence Operation, Counter-Terrorism Studies & Management and High Risk Protection Management. The University faculty, management and advisors consists of more than 120 seasoned professionals including

more than 100 faculty members with over 2,000 years of cumulative field experience. Over 92% hold a masters or doctorate degree from prestigious institutions including the Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Stanford, and Georgetown. Over one-third of the University faculty are published in their field. Faculty and advisors are from various Federal agencies including but not limited to, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), U.S. Secret Service (Presidential Protection Division), National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Homeland Security, terrorism and Counter terrorism analyst and research specialists, Psychology specialist, Nuclear Engineer, U.S. Navy Seals Commander, U.S. Army General, British Intelligence (M1-5) and (MI6), international intelligence agencies, just to name a few of the many. (

Dr. Bhowmick is also the founder/chairman of the Akribis Group, a highly qualified Think Tank group, specializing in the areas of National Security and Intelligence and Counter-terrorism that provides comprehensive services for various national and international governments, military, law enforcement, private security organizations, Fortune 500 companies and private VIP’s in need of solutions for complex, “high-risk” environments and services around the world. The organization is comprised of several divisions of specialty industries including the very well known Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies (CETIS). Each of these divisions consists of internationally experienced area specialists. (

USMTA Executive Director : Ed Kinner  Email:

 Mr. Ed Kinner, (Up State NY) is a registered Official of the USMTA, and is well coherent in the rules and regulations of the association. The Job is to keep control of the regions. He will liaise Albany law makers and state officials concerning regulations of any changes within the laws that may effect the sport .He will liaise with the main office when it concerns the upkeep and standards of both the Amateur and Professional leagues of the USMTA. Though Mr. Kinner's position is of a voluntary nature he is also responsible for the collection of event data, from sanctioned events within his region. Mr Kinner  will oversee that events are handled properly to the regulations of the USMTA standards. He will also assist in the promotion of the USMTA to potential new comers’ to the leagues.

Special Envoy: Mr. Erik Sanchez 

Erek Sanchez

The USMTA Special Envoy; His duties are to introduce the association to overseas groups, military branches, and to act as an liaison officer in times, where other officers are unable to attained meetings. To act as liaison to International representatives, military and government groups. At the moment Mr. Sanchez is now based in Florida as a USMTA/AMTJRA Official anyone wishing to contact him may do so via the above email.

 Kru Christopher Mychael  Thompson has trained at War Dog Muay Thai under  Kru Daniel Crowson from Tennessee.  Living Defense Martial Arts under Kru Daniel Dring from Arkansas. Prathet Thai Muay Thai Kickboxing under  the  late Arjarn Uhtit ''David'' Oudthone also from Arkansas, Kongo Do Kickboxing under  Kru Chuck Daly of Colorado.

Kru Christopher Thompson has instructed and has been a certified Kru (instructor) through the Prathet Thai Muay Thai Kickboxing Gym.  Kru Christopher Thompson has received numerous Martial Arts awards in 2003  and 2004 for the IKF and at that time held an Amateur Muay Thai record of  3 Wins, 5 Loss, and 0 Draw  with 1 TKO. He has competed  in  Muay Thai Rules and Muay Thai International Rules. Kru Christopher Thompson also has studied other martial art disciplines, Tang So Do, 1st Dan, Olympic style Tae Kwon Do 2nd Dan.  Chris  joined the USMTA in early 2005 and became a State representative. He vigorously continues to promote the art of Muay Thai today as one of the USMTA's Military Liaison Officer's  for the Air force, and continues to work in Muay Thai as a USMTA/AMTJRA Official.

Military League Coordinator: John Renken:  Email:;

John Renken, founder of the Clarksville Mixed Martial Arts Academy has been instrumental in the development of the Modern Army Combative Program.  He was one of the first civilians certified by the Army to train the Army, and has participated in every  Modern Army Combative Symposium and Board of Visitors, aimed at continued combative research and development.  

Currently, CMMAA combative instructors work closely with the Ft. Campbell and other installations in the Modern Army Combative Program and regularly test BCC and TCC graduates and continue to provide continued combative training to military personnel.  John is now working with the USMTA on developing a Military Muay Thai League in order to help spread Muay Thai and its contributions to the Modern Army Combative Program.  John has trained multiple national, international, and military champions in Combative, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, MMA, and Boxing.

Licensing Officer: Ms. Wendy Diamond   Email:

The duties of the Licensing Officer is to keep a record of all licensed members, Affiliates, Associates and overseas members, including; Fighters in both Amateur, Professional and No Holds Barred leagues, to license all Officials Judges, Referees etc. This information is relayed to the appropriate sports or athletic authorities.

 No fighters, or members are credited with any recognized Muay Thai fight status unless a license number is retained via the Licensing officers signature or seal. Licensing fees available: Muay Chao Chuerk (No Holds Barred) included. Ms Diamond takes on a tough  position.

Muay Boran League:  Kru Suuan Kevin Jakub Email

Kru Suuan Kevin Jakub

The duties of the Muay Boran League includes the Muay Chao Cherk and MMA Divisions Director (N.H.B) is to over see the development of the leagues and divisions, to instruct members and fighters in the rules and regulations of the divisions and to inform all licensed members of any changes or future developments within the leagues. No fighters, or members are credited with any recognized fight status unless a license number is retained via the Licensing officers signature.

Records & Ratings Off. Mr. Paul Marchak Email:

The duties of the Records and Ratings Officer, is to keep an up-dated record of all fighters in both the Amateur, Professional and No Holds Barred leagues. Information received will be added to the website database and updated as frequently as possible, as fighters information and fight bios arrive.
 Admin &Promotions   Director: Bruce Bowen Email:

Mr. Bowen, a long standing member of the association since 2006. Mr. Bowen has over 35 year’s background in martial arts, and is a veteran. He has studied under some acknowledged instructors He has worked on several projects for the association. He helped draft many sections of the regulations for the USMTA and the AMTJRA Mr. Bowen’s work positions includes legal contracts, fundraising, logistics and Administration. He is also working on some major national and International association projects scheduled for the next several years. Mr. Bowen became a registered Official of the USMTA in 2008.
NAL Representative : Snake Blocker Email: 

Snake Blocker is a new member to the association. Snake has over 25 years background in martial arts. and  studied under some well known instructors He has worked on several  projects, One of which was the  Worlds Deadliest Warriors.  He has also  spent time overseas with our service men and  women. Snake will be working on projects for next year. one is to help raise awareness of  the NAL,  "Native American League" series. Snake Blocker  is also a registered Official of the USMTA.

AMTJRA  Honorary President: John Ryan 

John began his career in martial arts in 1968, originally studying Chinese and Japanese martial arts and successfully competing in numerous tournaments throughout the UK. He joined the Police Force and fought on the Police Boxing Squad. In 1976 he joined the military and later was given control of all Unarmed Combat Training within his company. He was selected for Special Unarmed Infiltration Exercise

 and later selected for the Special Services. In 1977 he was introduced to Muay Thai Masters Thosaphon Sitiwatjana and Master Sken Keawpadung. For the next 11 years he stayed under their tutoring and went on to form the British Thai Boxing Council (BTBC). John also work on an administrative level developing the training methods taught by his Thai Boxing Masters, translating and formalizing them into a System and Syllabus which is now accepted throughout the U.K. He worked as the Regional Representative for the Martial Arts Commission, (the Body recognized by H. M. Government), and gained recognition and acceptance for the sport of Muay Thai within the Commission under the British Thai Boxing Council.

Since then he has taught traditional Muay Thai in many overseas countries. He has also produced 10 British Champions. John created the first Judge and Referees courses outside Thailand for the BTBC and lectured on them as Senior Judge and Referee for the Council. He held the position of Chairman for the BTBC from 1983 until 1992, when his status was voted up to President.

 Honorary President of the British Thai Boxing Council John was awarded honorary membership into Thailand's Premier Self Defense organization by Master Yuddhanna Wongbanadeue and given the title "International Advisor". In 1992 he  helped to formulate the Judge and Referee rules for the United States, with Clint Heyliger  President of the USMTA.

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