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The USMTA's Muay Boran League, the beginning of an established line of Grappling, Ground fighting, and what today is called MMA or Mixed Martial Arts. However the MMA name has emerged in the late 90's as "new fighting art' but Muay Boran has been around near on 600 hundred years in Thailand and South East Asia. The MBL "Muay Boran League" is to bring forth the Amateur side of MMA, looking after the amateur competitors under a proven guideline of safety and format. Muay Boran is separate from the USMTA's Muay Thai competitive ring art. It is a "big" sister to the battleground fighting system, as both arts at one time were joined together to defend Thailand.

Now with the interest in MMA exploding and a need to protect not just the competitor, but the promoter. The MBL and it's registered officials are here to offer their assistance and guidance. Judge and Referee seminars are available for all and a registered amateur database of competitive fighters is right here.

The MBL is open to all grapplers, ground fighters and budding MMA competitors. Our East coast officers are expanding from state to state, and with your help, will continue to organize seminars and events promoting the MBL and given promoter a database of top quality fighters for their  competitions.


State Directors   (NY)

Mr. Tom Kilkenny & Mr. Eugene Perez. The duties of the State Directors are as follows; State Director  (SD) is there to make sure that the USMTA/MBL regulations are adhered to at all times. No part of the regulations and standards of the league should be misconstrued or evaluated in such a way that may appear to be misleading to coaches, and competitors. The safety of the competitors is first, and all areas leading to this should be made at all times.

The SD will make sure that there will be no ‘corner cutting’ by promoters in an effort to ‘save money’ as fighters without our ‘safety net’ could cost more in the end. The SD’s responsibilities are to make sure each promoter has the required blood work forms (No exceptions) and other pertinent paperwork, such as medical forms and registration forms for all competitors is sent in on time prior to an event. A registration form is completed prior to the bout, (No exceptions). Fees should be collected from each competitor.  These forms should be collected and prepared to be sent to the head office so that registries info packs are sent to the individual.

The SD will work with the Regional Directors and inform them of upcoming events, so posters and other pertinent papers are prepared. A State Director will be held responsible for any infractions or neglects to the regulations at an event, he or she oversees, and subsequent fines by the association may be applied.


Eugene Perez  

Eugene Perez has been involved in martial arts for his entire adult life as a Competitor, Instructor and Promoter in addition to refereeing 100's of matches. He has worked with many organizations in various capacities over the years including Grapplers Quest where he was the Vice President of Operations, The Ultimate Fighting Championships @ UFC 100, Elite XC and The Fight Entourage and has helped promote shows All Across the country in NY, NJ, CT, CA, NV, FL.


Tom Kilkenny     

 Tom Kilkenny has been training in the Martial Arts since he was 11 years old and holds a 2nd degree Black Belt ranking in Japanese Ju Jitsu, Brown belt in American Combat Karate and currently trains in Gracie Jiu Jitsu for the past 6 years. In his 30 years of experience Tom has instructed, trained, managed and promoted with some of the best fighters in the Tri-State area. Some of those fighters have gone on to become the elite in the UFC/Belletor/Pride etc. Director @ Grapplers Quest inc., The Worlds Largest Grappling Tournament. has always been to give the amateur fighter the safest and most well-matched fight with them being the star of the event!

Senior Officials (NY) 

As a Certified Representative of the MBL he or she has a duty to maintain the regulations and standards of the League. One of their duties will include that inspection that correct paperwork is completed by competitors at each event. There are many duties that Senior Officials (SO) have, they are there to make sure that the regulations are followed by the promoters, coaches and competitors. An event SO will assist in making sure all the correct paperwork is completed and stamped etc., and works with the other Officers at the event. A SO will be held responsible for any infractions or neglects to the regulations at an event, and subsequent fines by the association may be applied.


Alexius  Phoenix

Has been training in MMA and teaching it for 9 years, also trained in many systems but currently hold a Black Belt in Judo, a Black Belt in Sambo, a Black Belt in Danzan Ryu JuJitsu & Blue Belt in Brazilin Jui-Jitsu. Also trained in Tae-Kwon-Do, Karate, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Capoeira, Boxing, Yoga, JKD, Kali/Escrima & Submission Catch Wrestling.  Served as a volunteer and a Board member to Community Board 4 on the Economic Development Committee. Also an MBL & ABC certified as a MMA/Kickboxing Inspector, Judge & date and since Feb 2013, has worked on 30 fight shows


Guidelines we follow. 

1.)   An MBL event should always have safety first, application to the regulations 2nd and Cleanliness’ is 3rd.  Fighting areas include (Ring, Cage or Matt).

2.)   Ring Doctors/Medics/EMS must be state certified or registered with a state recognized registration number.

3.)   The Referee or an Official should always make sure that competitor’s toenails are trimmed to lessen the chance of cuts.

4.)   *Competitors shall come within the requested weight class. Weight Classes should not exceed more than: ONE 1lb, under the Unified rules of MMA weight class. Competitors exceeding the listed agreed weight class may be subject to fines. Match making on the night shall not be tolerated, as this should already have been agreed by the competitors, coaches and promoter long before the event.

5.) There should be no excessive use of oils, creams or Vaseline on the body of a competitor.

6.)   Drugs and drug use will not be tolerated at an MBL/USMTA sanctioned event. Possible or complete dismissal from the sport and the possibility of a State Athletic Commission ban from the sport could happen because of this infringement.

7.)   The standard rules and regulations pertaining to amateur MMA acknowledge by the ABC and the USMTA’s MBL should always be adhered to, no short cuts are accepted unless under certain legalities and technicalities.

8.)   No glass of any kind, including drink bottle, cups etc. should be anywhere need the arena/cage etc. Possible fines may be incurred for offenses of this nature.

9.)   Promoters must be made aware that ‘an MBL/USMTA event is a sanctioned event. Amateur Boxing bouts must be Co-sanctioned with an applicable Boxing sanctioning body. Qualified Boxing officials or trained officials should look after that bout, if accepted at the event. Boxing sanctioning fee will be determined by the applicable Boxing organization.

10.)                    Amateur Kickboxing/Thai boxing bouts held at an MBL/USMTA sanctioned event should have the fighters registered and licensed as per normal under the regulations of the USMTA.

11.)                    Other Kickboxing sanctioning fees if not sanctioned by the USMTA, will be determined by the applicable Kickboxing organization.

12.)                    MBL/USMTA registration fee per fighter/competitor is standard $15.00 per annum, which is approximately 0.13 cents a week. All competitors and fighters MUST register prior to competition or bouts. All forms must be collected and posted to the head office in NY where they will be scanned and filed for reference. Strict confidentiality is held by the USMTA on all MBL/USMTA registered fighters or members. All other papers if requested will be returned to the promoter.

13.)                    There will be a One – Ten  (1 -10) ranking of MBL competitors on the website for several pending weight divisions of the league. All other information will remain the property of the USMTA and said promoter.

14.)                    Registered MBL competitors will receive via mail, there new MBL Registered Combatant Card, Certificate of membership, new embroidered MBL patch and other pertinent information pertaining to the MBL. No Patches are given to any person who is NOT a Certified. Official with the USMTA/MBL. USMTA (Muay Thai) representatives will not have official access to these patches without prior notice.

15.)                    This is understood that this is to benefit the sport of Amateur MMA in the state of New York. Our testing ground will spread to other states as we become better organized.

16.)                     May it also be noticed that promoters of an MBL or even a USMTA event should not act in any official position as this can be seen as a conflict of interest to the results and the event. A Promoter is a Promoter and an MBL/USMTA Official acting in his/her course, cannot be both.  May it also be noticed the promoters of events should not act in a Judging or Refereeing position at an MBL/USMTA event. This may also raise the question of impartiality to the bouts of the event. Many eyes see different things. Just as a photograph does not tell the whole story, we must be aware of this.

17.)                    All Officials should stand back from this area of contradiction and let another person or person complete the task at hand and shoulder this responsibility.

18.)                    A senior USMTA/MBL official MAY have the authority to walk into any sanctioned USMTA/MBL event if and when they are asked to do so by an AND or SD and ask to see the papers of the fighters etc., He/she may ask to see the sanction form, insurance form, and medical and blood work forms from the event. An official may determine if they should cancel the event because of safety concerns, unless the issue(s) can be corrected on that night. He/she may issue a warning or install a fine to the promoter depending on the severity of the case. All cases will be processed and given fair hearing to determine the penalty, by a “Safety Board” which we will incorporate for such happenings. This paper plus any amendments will be included or updated in the USMTA Rules and regulations manual for Amateur MMA.

19.)                    Certified representatives of the USMTA/MBL must take a review course given by NY State Directors every 12 months. If a review course is not taken they may not be able to work an event as an Official. The review course is FREE.

20.)                    $50 for a Judge course $75 for Officials course or $100 for Both only after that course may one receive a Patch and Certificate there will be no more appointments by Proxy.

21.)                    All Medical Paper Work Must be Submitted To The NY State Representative 7days prior to The Event for Review (I have Set up a email So that everything can be kept on file, if the medical paper work is not submitted 7 days prior the match is canceled (as is the standard set by the NJSAC).

22.)                     NY State Directors are to Staff all New York State sanctioned USMTA/MBL events.  A promoter or AOP or the President may request an Official but the final choice is up to the NY State Directors.

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