Yes, It's true, these colors don't run, they stand firm to what they represent on what they stand for and to whom they protect. Read on how these emblems became the first U.S. martial arts association to have them.

 The emblem flags,  'standing proudly next to the nations  colors',  were specially designed for the association.  Their emblems are a complete representation of their status. The USMTA flag stands alone for its signature and the NAL emblems and  are proud standards of their Native heritage and  beginning.


United States Muay Thai Association Native American League North American League  



Caribbean League Pacific League South American League  


The USMTA flag  was originally designed  in 1990 however it was never used as the standard  emblem until  2007. It was finally placed as the USMTA flag emblem in September 2007. Since then,  the  flag  has  been  seen around the world.

The NAL(usa) Native American League flag is the first of its kind ever. A proud  mark for the association and  a reminder of all  native American fighters known and unknown.  this standard is to bring to light their contribution to  the  world of Muay Thai. Also designed in 2007 and  is designated in positions of high recognition shortly. It not  only represents  Native Americans from the mainland,  but  also of those from Hawaii and  Puerto Rico and other dependencies. The NAL emblem was designed by Kru Ric Sniffen of the  Native American Muay Thai Association and Arjarn Clint  Heyliger of the United States Muay Thai Association. The colors used in the NAL logo represent the colors of change and the color of all races, showing that the NAL is of all people. The  turquoise winged legendary Thunderbird holds the yellow golden sun between its wings. The yellow sun represents the Father of Life, the Life giver of all people and all things without the sun there is no life.

Wonk-a-tonka the Great Father. The Thunderbird is guarded by two proud warriors who stand prepared. The warriors represent both  left and right. East and West. The 'Blue warrior' of the East represents the art of Thailand and the 'Red warrior' of the West represents the "native American" of the Americas. The tail feathers of the thunderbird display the letters USMTA under the feet as the foundation of all we are and all we shall become. The design in the center of the Thunderbirds chest is like that of a locking mechanism all knowledge is locked within the design awaiting those who seek the knowledge to be unlocked. The scarlet red banner proudly displays the motto  "Nehwe denihani nadahna aidee" and closely translates to "We Bow To No One.."

The NAL (can)  North American League flag is also the first and of a kind. Designed  in  2007 representing the peoples of the First Nations and  inviting to to the family our Canadian  brethren. Designed by Kru Ric Sniffen,  Arjarn Clint  Heyliger  and Kru Mike Martelle, of the First Nations Muay Thai Council, a professional Muay Thai instructor and a proud member of the Kanienkehaka, or Mohawk Nation. This flag designed to include al northern nations and  opening competitions and events across both boarders.  and  to raise awareness of aboriginal peoples worldwide.

 On the flag is displayed the symbol of the Turtle a Native American symbol used for thousands of years as symbol of mother earth. The colors represent the blue of the sky,  the  green  of the earth,  the  yellow  of the life giving sun  and  the red for the blood of the  people. The Thai fighter in the  position of the Ram Muay "ritual dance of respect" kneels across the  back  of the  turtle representing that the sport  of Muay Thai extends across the world. He kneels upon the paw print  of the  Great bear,  an ancient native symbol of strength and skill.  "Rohskenrakehte" is written above the in the banner in  Mohawk.

The SAL (sa)  South American League flag. The  fourth Flag and  latest addition to the set is also the first and one of a kind. Designed  in  2009 representing the peoples of the South American Nations and  inviting to join the family. Designed by Arjarn Clint  Heyliger  of the  USMTA and Kru Mike Martelle, of the First Nations Muay Thai Council. This flag designed to include all the nations on the southern continent and  opening competitions and events across both three boarders.  Incorporated into the pale blue background representing the color of turquoise a semi precious stone found in the America's, and resting on this is the Mighty Inca/Aztec sun raised  behind the prominent Mayan temple dedicated to the sun god.  A Thai warrior performs the Ram Muay on top of the temple framed by the sun. Incorporated into the flag are the Colors  red, white  and  blue representing the colors of the US and Thailand. Emblazoned across the  top are the  words  Liga  SurAmericana (South American League)

The CARL  Caribbean League flag. The fifth Flag to the addition and first one for the Caribbean Islands. Designed in 2009 representing the peoples of the Caribbean Nations and  inviting them to join the USMTA Muay Thai family. Designed by Arjarn Clint Heyliger, this flag  made to include all the nation Islands of the Caribbean and opening Muay Thai competitions and events across Caribbean seas.  Emblazoned  onto the cloud white background,  and framed by tropical  green palmed coconut trees with the yellow sun in the center, stand two Thai fighters of the Caribbean in a traditional Thai fighting stance. They stand upon the golden sand beached Caribbean Islands surrounded by the clear blue sea, and  bridging the gap between the tropical islands is the USMTA land bridge. Raised above the coconut trees  are the proud words ' West Indies' Muay Thai.

These flags are steadily making their way across the world and are appearing  in many nations as collectors  pieces for  Muay Thai. A proud part  of  promotion and  recognition. Yes,  these colors may  spread,  but they don't run.

USMTA Flag flown in California USMTA Flag flown in Hawaii USMTA Flag flown in Tennessee NAL (can) Flag flown, in England
USMTA flag flown in Oklahoma USMTA flag flown in Arizona NAL (can) Flag flown in Canada NAL(usa)  & USMTA flags flown in Nevada


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