Kru Rocky Browning

Kru Rocky Browning has been training in the art of Muay Thai Kickboxing or "Thai Boxing" for over 10 years. His instructor, Kru Rick Caudle trained under Suwat Sidthilaw of Thailand. The Sidthilaw brand of Muay Thai is raw, brutal, and to the point. Suwat's father was his local village's Thai Boxing champion in Thailand.

This form of Muay Thai was derived from the old ways of defense more closely related to Muay Chaiya and Muay Boran. Suwat later brought this form to Bangkok where he mixed it with the modern day Muay Thai we know today.

Kru Rocky Browning also has an amateur Muay Thai record of 4-1. Due to an injury he was unable to pursue his dream as a Professional Muay Thai fighter. Rather then give up on his dream he chose to focus his efforts towards helping others follow their dreams and be everything they can be.

Kru Rocky Browning has instructed several amateur fighters and has extensive experience in getting fighters ready for the ring. Also Kru Rocky has several contacts with promoters, covering areas from Wisconsin down to Louisiana. Kru Rocky's goal is to make Nashville, TN a mecca of Muay Thai in the southern United States.

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