ArjarnRic Sniffen

Arjarn  Ric Sniffen aka "Rma Lek Suer" from Guymon Oklahoma has studied  in martial arts  since  he was four years old. He  is bilingual in English, Spanish, Thai and Japanese. He is also studying  his Native American language. He has also studied several martial art disciplines which include Japanese, Okinawan, Korean,  Chinese and several South East Asian martial arts.

Arjarn Ric has has trained at Pontawee Camp in Bangkok, Thailand under Kru's Srisa Keet Wat, Suri Poosiri and  Kru Phitsarnu. He also studied at the Lopuri Gym, Thailand under Kru's Tienchai Goring, Tongmee Deebuape and Ket Jamornmarn. Arjarn  Ric studied western Boxing and gained a record of 14 fights with 8 wins, 2 Draws and 4 losses at Cruiserweight.

Arjarn Ric's  total fight record to date is 112 wins   53 losses   2 draws  

He  has gained  several  championship titles beginning with the Open Class Middle East Champion in 1979, the Light Heavyweight Championship  in1980, the  Muay Chaat Cherk Light Heavyweight Open Class 1980 and 1981, the European - Soviet Military Challenge Open Class in 1981, the Egyptian Martial Arts Open Division Champion in 1982, the Nippon Open Class Championship in 1997 and the New Mexico MMA Heavyweight over 40 division Champion in 2008.

He has Judging & refereeing under the AAU, WBC and the USBA with 9 years experience. He represents the Native American Muay Thai Association (NAMTA).Arjarn Ric  became  the USMTA's  National Director of the USMTA (NAL) Native American League.


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