Kru Nick D. Blomgren

Kru Nick D Blomgren Born in Las Vegas Nevada On November 3 1963. In his youth he experiencedMany different styles of Martial Arts and Boxing.  At the age of 12 started Amateur Boxing until the  Age of 15 he then joined Tae Kwon Do with Jason  Hann, at Kims TKD. After achieving his Black Belt in 1982 he then started to compete in Kick   Boxing as well as Boxing, that is when he started Training with Master Joe Salamoni & Arthur Sikes

In North American Gung Fu! He felt the knowledge of different Martial Arts of the world help him as an athlete. He Joined the Military in 1981 after his service he was a carpenter and worked many hours, but his heart was always with the Martial Arts and as a professional.

Nick had troubles in Kickboxing early on, due to the fact he depended on his trainers to find fights for him but stayed busy by Boxing and Karate tournaments, he was rated # 1 in 1988-89 in the western states boxing USIAA (United Institute of Amateur Athletics)

In Las Angeles California. In 1989 Nick started training in the art of Muay Thai Boxing at the Fairtex gym in Arizona every chance that he got, then had the chance to train with some of the worlds best like, Pud Pad Noy, Gerard Finot, Rob Kamon, Mijiro Gym Holland. Nick only had 13 pro kickboxing fights and 54 Boxing and numerous TKD & Karate fights! It was in 1993 that he founded One Kicks Gym! His own style of fighting. Witch is a combination of TKD, Karate, Boxing, Thai Boxing, and Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling.

Nick had so much love for the sport, he then decided to help the sport by promoting the art of  Muay Thai in Las Vegas Nevada in 1994 and has promoted the sport till this day, he will help keep the sport growing as well as develop Champions and has trained over 10 world champions in all styles of fighting.

It was in 1995 that Nick Became the state rep for the USMTA and has promoted only for the USMTA till this time, he also sends his fighters to his friend in Thailand to the Sasiprapa Gym in Bangkok where his fighters stay and train in the camp for a month or two, this way they understand real Muay Thai! That way they learn the importance of discipline.

Fighters Nick has worked with

Chuck Liddell, Dewey Cooper, Ray Sefo, Julio Garcia, Alfie Alcarez, Jack Thames, John James, Lavell Robinson,  Frank Mir, Phil Baroni, Jay Heron, Jorge Gonzales, John Lewis, Graig Voyticek.


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