Arjarn Kevin Jakub

Arjarn Kevin Jakub Hometown: Florida,    Muay Thai Kickboxing. Height:  61"  Weight:  230  lbs. Training partners:  Juan Mott, Tim Catalfo and Brian Garland.  Arjarn Kevin Jakub is a highly respected martial artist, with a 321 win documented fight record, and countless others not listed, but know off.

He is highly ranked in several disciplines of martial arts and is a skillful seminar and course instructor. He is classified as a tenacious and formidable opponent once he steps into the ring or on to the mat, and has become highly recommended by many State and Governmental branches for his instructional courses.

Arjarn Jakub had been instructed in the martial art disciplines of Thailand for 15 years, prior to1993, under the late Arjarn Chen Chai, one of Thailand's the top instructors to the Royal Thai Military, and is probably one of very few foreign instructors of Muay Chao Chur  (Kherk), Muay Boran "Old Style"  combat Muay Thai  in the USA today.  He  continues his Thai martial art instruction under, Pramajet Tony Moore of the BTBC (British Thai Boxing Council). He is currently under-going private instruction in the rare and extremely and efficient 'Chun Ghoy ' Combat fighting system. A 1'500 year old All Asian fighting art was introduced to the West by the late Grandmasters Louis and Thomas Reed, in the early 1970's. He is known for his 'tough and exciting training courses' for the serious martial artist and Muay Thai ring fighter, where he takes the normal methods of ring training 4 steps beyond. Kevin Jakub was recently promoted to the title of Arjarn in 2010.

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