Kru Jeff Hughes

Mr. Hughes started his martial arts training in 1992, under the direction of Grandmaster Jim Sams.  His studies included Taekwondo, as well as SaJiDo, a hybrid martial art (precursor to MMA).  Mr. Hughes continued to pursue MMA in 2000, studying Muay Thai and BJJ under masters Camden & Broughman at The Tiger Academy of Martial Arts. Both Masters Camden & Broughman are instructor ranked under Arjan Chai Sirisute, Francis Fong & Pedro Sauer.

  In 2008, Mr. Hughes followed Master Broughman to Triple Boxing of Woodstock, Ga. There he refined his art, focusing only on Muay Thai & American boxing, under Master Broughamn, Master Parviz Nikkhoo, & boxing coach Nathan Livramento.

  Mr. Hughes is a 5 time graduate of the A.I.K.I.A. Karate College national seminar. He has had the honor & privilege to train with or attend seminars from some of the finest martial arts instructors in the United States. Included are legends of the arts, Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis, Michael Depasquale, Mark Hatmaker, Willie “Bam” Johnson, Scott Yates, Renzo Gracie, Brooks Miller and many others. This diversity of training gives Mr. Hughes a unique perspective as to the state of American Martial arts.

  Mr. Hughes also is an avid distance runner, having competed in numerous road races.

  Mr. Hughes is a 1986 Magna Cum Laude graduate of West Virginia University School of Pharmacy, with interest in natural medicine and herbal therapy.

11/01/1997-lst Degree Black Belt under Grandmaster  Jim Sams 08/30/98- lst  Degree Black Belt  Tae Kwon Do under Grandmaster Jim Sams  08/20/2003-2~~2nd Dan Black Belt under  Grandmaster Jim Sams   Sajido

10/28/2004- Kru ; Muay Thai Kickboxing  under Master Eddie Camden -Tiger Martial Arts  01/25/2008- Instructor level; Muay Thai Kickboxing  under Master Eddie Camden -Tiger Martial Arts

02/01/2008-Began intensive Muay Thai study under Master Parviz Nikkhoo. 

03/01/2011-Accepted teaching position under Master Joe Powers at Total Boxing


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