Kru Brian Stanley

Kru Brian Stanley-

•Martial arts training in the forms of Tae Kwon Do Red belt (certified by Ku Ki Won Headquarters Korea)
•Tang Soo Do 8th Degree Red Belt (certified by TKA Tompkins Karate Association)


●Kru (Instructor)/School Camp Coach under the USMTA (United States Muay Thai Association)
●Registered Member of the USMTA (United States Muay Thai Asso.)
●Program Director of KRU Muay Thai Maryland
●Senior Coach of Muay Thai in KRU Training Sysytems
●Registered and Ranked member UWMTA (United World Muay Thai Asso.)
●Registered Member WKA (World Kickboxing Asso.)
●Founding and Ranked member of X-Delta Submission Judo/Jiu-Jitsu under the USJA (United States Judo Asso.)
●Ranked Member of the USJA in Judo and Brazilian jiu jitsu (Gracie BJJ)
●Program Director of the Warrior Arts Alliance for the Baltimore Maryland Chapter
●Lakan Guro (Instructor) in Panantukan-Filipino Dirty Boxing  Panantukan
●Member of The Brotherhood of the Blade under Marcaida Kali-Kuya Doug Marcaida
●USD (Unarmed Self-Defense Instructor) for U.S. Government training Law enforcement agencies and Military personnel
●Ranked Member in the TBA (Thai Boxing Asso.) Training hours logged under Ajarn Chai Sirisute
●Ranked member of the The World Tae Kwon Do Federation
●Ranked Member in Tang Soo Do under the Moo Duk Kwan
●Certified Personal Trainer under ACTION Personal training system


Brian Stanley
Head Muay Thai Coach No Limits training facility



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