Kru Doh Anantachi Pinsinchai

Kru Doh was born and raised in Santai, San Kamphaeng. He started Muay Thai at the age of 10, and trained at a back yard gym that was run in the village. Doh was a great fighter, though his main strength was in the clintch, and dominated his opponents with knees and elbows while clinching with them. As he became a much better fighter, he also moved to Bangkok, and trained at the Pinsinchai Gym.

  This is also where he met Kru Phon, and they have been friends ever since. Fighting and training in Bangkok, Doh went up the ranks in the sport, just like Phon did, yet he never became as accomplished and as prized of a fighter as Phon did. Yet he did win various championship belts at stadiums around Bangkok, and is also still spoken of around Thailand for his dominating clinch the he used to defeat countless opponents back in the day.

Kru Doh is a clinch expert, he pays particular attention to showing clinching techniques to his students in detail. He will stop you in the clinch, and instruct you step by step to show you what to do until you get it right.

Stats & Fight Record:


•44 Years of Age

•100 Fights, 90 Wins

•Bangkok & Chiang Mai Champion


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