Kru Bill Long

Bill "Cowboy" Long has been training in the martial arts for over 30 years. His disciplines include Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, Judo, Boxing and Muay Thai. In 1991 Bill started his Muay Thai training in Detriot Michigan with Mikhal Caldwell, 3 time world champ and one of the founding fathers of the USMTA.

Bill was one of the first members of the Black feather camp, at the time, the only recognized Muay Thai gym in Michigan. After years of training with Mikhal, Bill earned his promotion to Kru, and with Mikhal's blessing started the Black feather West Camp in Howell, Michigan. "Cowboy" is the nickname given to him because of his 3 year professional bull riding career with the International Pro Rodeo Association.


Bill is a USMTA certified Muay Thai instructor, a 3rd degree black belt tae kwon do instructor and a certified U.S.A. Boxing coach. Bill was a competitive fighter winning both state and national championships. As the head coach for the Black feather gyms located in Michigan, Bill continues to teach a variety of people from professional mma fighters, to woman self defense classes, to children's classes and everywhere in between. Bill has also trained with the Michigan State Police in the 121st trooper recruit school. Bill Long can be reached at  for any and all correspondence.


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