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The British Thai Boxing Council, (BTBC) are the 'official' governing body for Thai boxing in Great Britain. The BTBC are the oldest Thai Boxing organization in the England. The organization is a member of the AMTAT, Amateur Muay Thai Association of Thailand, the EMTU (European Muay Thai Union), the Martial Arts Development Commission. The BTBC are also members of the Buddhai Swan Institute of Ayuddhaya (Krabi Krabong) 

The council which was established in 1979, was the original governing body for Muay Thai in Britain and is possibly the oldest organization for Muay Thai in the World.
It's headquarters are in Manchester, but there are clubs and regional branches all over the Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The objects of the Council are to promote and develop the practice of the Thai Martial Arts and associated sports in Great Britain. Associated sports includes Kick Boxing and to this end the Council has a Kick Boxing section for those clubs and students who prefer to concentrate more on sport and competition. The same BTBC benefits and services are available to all Kick Boxing clubs and students, including coaching, insurance, and technical advice.

The BTBC was instrumental in the foundation Muay Thai organizations in the U.S.A., South Africa, Southern Ireland, Italy, The United Arab Emirates and Rumania. The Council are affiliated to the WMTC, IFMA, AMTA (Thailand), the European Muay Thai Union, and the USMTA, (United States Muay Thai Association), AMTJRA ( American Muay Thai Judge & Referee Association).

The BTBC rules and regulations, translated into English from the original Thai have also been adopted by many more countries including Holland and Australia, and the BTBC is at the forefront of promoting Thailand National Sport in the West.

Benefits of membership are many and include License and Record book for every student, Personal Accident insurance for every individual, regular Thai Boxing and Kick Boxing competitions both amateur and professional in Britain and abroad, regular gradings, Master class seminars in all aspects of the Thai Martial Arts including Self Protection and competition, quarterly newsletters and much more.

BTBC clubs teach people of all ages from 6 to 60 years. You can train for self defense, to keep fit, for competition, or purely because you are interested in learning a martial art.

      BTBC Chairman Arjarn Tony Moore         BTBC General Secretary; Khun Karen Moore       Emblem of the British Association of Muay Thai Officials       assclo~1.JPG (10064 bytes)
The BTBC are the biggest organization in Britain and offer the following services: Full low-cost insurance cover for training and competition, Instructors Courses, Seminars, Demonstrations and Grading, Fighters Tests, Regular National and International Competition, Tournament Sanctioning, Judges and Referees Courses and training in Thailand.

The BTBC fighters regularly travel all over the World representing Britain at competitions abroad. There are three categories of membership: Full, Provisional, and Affiliate Member. The BTBC are the 'official' sister branch and International representatives in Great Britain for the USMTA. 

  Arjarn Tony Moore of the BTBC    Students demonstrating the Art of Krabi Krabong      Statue of Phraya Pichai at the Government House in Uttaradit, Thailand   

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