Arjarn Prasit

Arjarn Prasit: is the head trainer of the Saktaywan Muay Thai Camp in Bangkok, Thailand, and has been fighting since the age of 13. He has amassed a total of 149 fights. Fighting in the Mecca of Muay Thai in both Lumpinni and Rajadamnern Stadiums. Arjarn Prasit (Sit) retired from fighting at the age of 28 and went on to become a trainer at the Saktaywan Muay Thai camp compound.

Today with over 20 years of experience Arjarn Prasit has become the Master trainer of his camp. This facility is unique in that it houses 3 camps on the same ground, and Arjarn Prasit is the Master trainer of all three. Although missing the chance to become  Champion himself, Arjarn Prasit continues his love and dedication of Muay Thai by training 5 Champions in Muay Thai in various weight divisions.



New Guidelines for Muay Thai   were presented to the ABC (Association of Boxing Commissions) at the General meeting held on July 30th, 2009, in New Orleans , LA. These guidelines were submitted by Nick Lembo, NJSAC and on behalf of ABC President Tim Lueckenhoff of the Missouri commission.

When asked how the commission received the information presented on the sport, it was stated that, “It was well received as guidelines”, said Nick Lembo of the NJSAC. “We meaning the ABC, set up a committee to review these guidelines and offer ‘Unified Rules’ for adoption next year after more interaction with the Muay Thai community”, said Nick Lembo.

The committee formed which included as Chairman: Nick Lembo of the New Jersey Athletic Commission, Commissioner Joe Miller of the Oklahoma Athletic Commission, Commissioner Bernie Profato of Ohio State Athletic Commission, Commissioner Chad Kurle from the North Dakota State Athletic Commission and Dr. Sherry Wulkan, a Physician of the New York and New Jersey State Athletic Control Boards.

Pending the complete review and acceptance of the new guidelines by the States next year, the Muay Thai committee will put into motion its Muay Thai Advisory Board (MTAB) who will then work in conjunction with the new committee and the ABC. At this moment, and subject to acceptance- the MTAB consists of: Arjarn Clint Heyliger,  Arjarn Tony Moore, Arjarn Kumron  Vaitaynon, Kru Stephen Strotmeyer, and Dr. Tony Myers.

This could be the major step up the ladder for Muay Thai in the U.S. If the ABC hopefully accepts the guidelines, then in 12 months time, the real work begins….

AMTL Washington, DC 2015


In  recognition of the birthday of  His Royal Highness King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, celebrating his 88th birthday December 5th 2015.

Second Annual Kings’ Birthday Results

Jovan Davis (winner by UD) vs Chase Walden 160 lbs

Jonathan George (winner by TKO Rd 1) vs Latif Idris 135 lbs

Rolando Valdez (winner by UD) vs Pablo Garcia (Disciple MMA) 153 lbs

George Jefferies (winner by UD) vs Keeman Diop 154lbs USMTA Interstate Title

Taj Rueda (winner by UD) vs Max Hodges 162 lbs

Joel de Jesus vs Nath Boivert (winner by MD) 128 lbs

Jose Membreno (winner by UD) vs Adam Mallehan 160lbs

Adam Morris vs Bisrat Asfera (winner by UD) 135 lbs

Kevin Green vs Milton Cerezo (Draw) 170 lbs

Steve Brown vs Nadir Brockington (winner by UD) 140 lbs


Happy 25th Anniversary USMTA!

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 I would like to congratulate Grand Master Kim, who has been awarded the first ever Grand Master Muay Thai Award in the USA for his incredible services to Muay Thai in this country. Kru Kim as he’s mostly know, was the first Thai Bangkok Stadium Champion to Teach here and expand the promotion of our beautiful art.

We at USMTA are proud of him and recognize his incredible life long commitment to our way of life. A true Pioneer and real Muay Thai Champion, always humble and full of history and stories that are part of our culture, a great Master (Arjhan) a great teacher. Long Life. We respect you and love you.


I Remember Kru Puk training me when I was a kid… I was a live-in student of his at the MTA Many years ago!! Kru Puk would come in early in the morning and wake me up. Time to go run! 

I would train in the morning, then after training, go next door and eat Thai food.

Also learn how to cook some Thai food as well, helping the cook, clean afterwards; then train again at night, then clean the gym afterwards! I did this without complaint and with honor! I have fought many times in that ring with the in house smokers, still in the same place as I remembered when I was a kid!

Kru Puk, Kru Saekson Janjira, & Kru Coban Lookchaomaesaithong All would teach me & prepared me for my teachers certificate! All 3 signed my Instructors Certificate (Kru) back in 1985!! One of the proudest days of my life, being able to teach the beautiful art of Muay Thai & knowing I was taught to teach by the best!!

Thank you Grand Master Surapuk Jamjuntr for everything you have ever done for me! I’m honored to have been a student of yours!! Congrats again on your well deserved accomplishment!

Grand Master Tong Trithara

Tong Trithara (born on the 3rd of March, 1952  in Banpan, Ayutthaya Province, Thailand) is a Thai-born Muay Thai instructor and former Muay Thai boxer. He is also known for being one of America’s First Muay Thai instructors.

His first encounter with Thai fighting techniques when he was twelve years old when his uncle trained him. Tong fought in Central and Southern Thailand winning around 22 fights. On May 5, 1971 at the age of eighteen, Tong traveled to the United States of America to train at the Thai Boxing Academy and was trained by another famous western style boxing champion and Muay Thai champion named “Niyom Prasertsom”.

The place where this training took place was at the Thai Boxing Academy in Hollywood, California. Saving his money and with help of a Vietnamese Thai Fighter tong was able to open up his own school in the Down Town Los Angeles, California. In 1979 he moved to Springfield, Missouri where he began teaching as well as promoting small Muay Thai events until 1985.

He founded the Muay Thai Academy in Springfield, Missouri in 1989 and the Muay Thai U.S.A. Association in the same year as its president. Later, he became the Muay Thai Technical Advisor for Fighter International Magazine. He now owns and runs Tong’s Thai Cuisine in Springfield, Missouri. Located on south Campbell Ave in the Shamrock Center. Tong’s food and Thai tea brings the true authentic flavors of Thailand to the city and has been in Springfield’s famous 417 Magazine for years. Not only does he offer an amazing presentation with his dishes, the atmosphere is relaxing and friendly.