USMTA Officers for Muay Thai boxing, MMA (mixed martial arts) and other disciplines are charged, herein, with looking after the welfare of the fighters within the guidelines of the USMTA.

The sanctioning format, as established by the USMTA for Muay Thai boxing, MMA (mixed martial arts) as with all other subsidiaries within the USMTA with regard to all fees shall continue to be as directed by the USMTA. Therefore we shall keep the term “USMTA” events within this document.

Upon review a thorough and concise submission we are in concurrence with new suggestions, though we wish to integrate some of the following overlooked points:

Suspension Board:

The forming of the suspension Board: Consisting of five (5) persons utilized as review and/or for 'competition competence' as set forth by the Board's up-to-and/or-beyond ninety (90) days suspension 'listings and results' determinations.

Depending on injuries: Thirty (30) to One Hundred Twenty (120) days suspension.

The Regulations and format of the board are in process.

Board of Review: Established.

The board of review has been in effect for the past 10 years successfully, and needs no additions to the format. However, let us present a quick brief on the board. The board (BOR) has been established to be the final steps for bouts that may need an official conclusion to a dispute. 5 USMTA review officers from 5 states not surrounding the said event concerned are chosen to review the video clip of the disputed bout. Their reports on the bout are forwarded to the BOR panel that will compile the reviews and send their decision to the requesting parties, including the promoter of the event. None of the chosen USMTA review officers will at best know where the event took place but only the bout concerned. None of the USMTA review officers will have any acknowledge of which officers will be chosen for the review.

If there is no conclusion to the bout concerned by the parties, then, 2nd and final review of the bout is implemented however, the cost to the party requesting the 2nd review will be charged a fee of $100.00 non-returnable. The process will begin again with 5 different officers from 5 different states not surrounding the state of the disputed bout chosen for the final review. The results from the panel will be final and binding.

Disciplinary Board: This is an area mentioned before, Fighters, coaches’ trainers etc. will be held responsible for the welfare and conduct of the fighter in their care. A fighter shall come to an event at his correct weight for the appointed bout. Infringements or weight discrepancies of no more than 2lb as according to Thailand’s weight scale. This is also followed in Europe and elsewhere.

Fighter/coach etc., knowingly over or under weight of more than 2lbs: Up to Fifty Dollar ($50) Dollar fine and may be suspended up to Thirty (30) days for their first offence.

For the second offence, up to One Hundred ($100) Dollars and may be suspended for up to one to Three months depending on the circumstances.

Third offence, up to Five Hundred ($500) Dollars and may be suspended for up to Six months depending on the circumstance.

A board decision will determine the outcome of the disciplinary action to be taken.