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" Not for profit Muay Thai organization "

Founded in 1991, registered 1995



The USMTA "United States Muay Thai Association Inc.", was formed in 1990, by Khun Clint Heyliger, Mr. Lucas Cotte III, Khun Anthony Enright, of New York, Kruu Suuan Kevin Jakub, of Atlanta, Georgia, Kru Mikhal Caldwell, of Detroit, Michigan, Khun Leon Bonewizc of Connecticut, and Kruu Suuan Nirmalya Bhowmick of San Jose, California. The Organization was officially recognized by Arjarn Tony Moore of the British Thai Boxing Council (BTBC), who became the Official International representative. In 1991, the USMTA became the official U.S. representative for the BTBC, Sitsiam International and became the U.S. representative for Siamsak International Muay Thai training camp in Rayong, Thailand. Arjarn Tony Moore represented the USMTA in Bangkok, Thailand during a meeting with the official International Muay Thai organization the (IMTA) International Muay Thai Association in October 1993.

The USMTA produced first English language magazine for Muay Thai in the USA, "Muay Thai U.S. Kick Boxing News International" (MTUSKBN) International, later to become known as MTI "Muay Thai International" and was invited to become a member of the European Muay Thai Association of Amsterdam. The USMTA then became registered as a none profit organization in 1993, and founded the Official American Muay Thai Judge and Referee Association.

In 1994, the USMTA became affiliated to the (EMTU), European Muay Thai Union of Italy, became a member of the World Muay Thai Council (WMTC), Amateur Muay Thai Association of Thailand (AMTAT), International Federation Muay Associations (IFMA) of Bangkok, Thailand. The association joined as a member of the (ABC), Association of Boxing Commissioners USA. The ABC recognized the standard Rules and Regulations of the USMTA governing the sport of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) in the United States. In 1995 the association's Judge and Referee officials were invited to officiate at the SEA*GAMES, South East Asian Olympics in Chang Mai, Thailand.

In 1996 the association was invited to send its national "Team Muay Thai-USA" to Uttarradit, Thailand, to compete in the prestigious even, The "Princes Cup" the of Thailand, in the International World Muay Thai Amateur Championships, promoted by the AMTAT and the IFMA. Team Muay Thai-USA became the first American National Amateur Muay Thai team, ever to enter an international event on Thai soil representing the United States of America.

In 1997, the USMTA was recognized as the official U.S. Muay Thai governing organization by the World Muay Thai Information Center, "the International information database center for Thai martial arts, weapons, Thai & South East Asian history, and International Muay Thai fighter information and data." The association became the first U.S. Martial arts organization to be registered as a member of the Asia Society. A prestigious organization for promoting the political, cultural and business sector of Asia.

The Emblem of the

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United States Muay Thai Association

The emblem of the association is unique, there is no other emblem in the world representing the sport of Muay Thai that can compare with the logo of the USMTA. Each part of the emblem has a meaning. The two Thai fighters at the center are in recognition of Nai Khanom Dtom; who was noted as being the first Thai fighter ever to compete in competition outside of Thailand, over some 200 years ago, and the late Chua Chakshuraksha, 1905 -1982, known as the architect of modern Muay Thai.

The colors on the background of the shield are based on the colors of the national flags of Thailand and of the United States of America. The four white stars emblazoned upon the shield are representing four organizations, the USMTA, AMTJRA, the AMTAT and the WMTC. The Royal crown represents the prestige of the United States Muay Thai Association as the National Association for the sport, it's allegiance to the royal sport of Thailand. The symbol of the elephant; is of Thailand's sacred white elephants and a royal symbol of HRH the King of Thailand, they are also a symbol of good luck, an emblem of Rajadamnern Stadium of Bangkok, Thailand. The laurel leaves; are a symbol of growth and to strive for excellence within the sport of Muay Thai.


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USMTA Officers Badge              USMTA Officials badge              Judge and Referee Badge

The Official badges of the association are shown here, all Officers, Officials and Judge - Referees should hold  one of these:


The United States Muay Thai Association, a non-profit organization of martial art schools and individuals, promotes the growth and success of American Muay Thai throughout the North American continent and throughout the world. The association represents hundreds of members from all the affiliated schools and organizations.

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