The  "AML" American Military League

The AML American Military League. The Eigth league but the 'Only league' dedicated to our nations front line protectors. Soon to become an addition and first one of the USMTA 's Muay Thai flags ever produced in representation  of our military service men and women of the  sport in the USA . Designed in 2010, The USMTA Military League is a league dedicated to the True Warriors of the Martial Way. The AML includes the arts of Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Muay Pram  'Thai Grappling' Muay Chaat Cherk competitor,  a.k.a. the real "MMA".  All Thai boxers, Grapplers, Submission warriors etc, from all branches of the service are welcome...

Designed by Arjarn Clint Heyliger.


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