The North American League  or NAL(can) are in a league of their own..  read the foundation of the joining of Canada and the United States in a  league  dedicated to the warriors of the People of the First Nations....



This flag flies  proudly in  Canada at the  Grizzly Gym.....


NAL Champion Mike Martelle of Canada

"First Nations Collide" Mexico March 2009

North American League NAL champion to fight in Mexico in an independent show being held on Rosarito Beach (just outside Tijuana) on Sunday, March 28, at 7pm. The show is going to be boxing, Muay Thai, and grapppling.

Mike Martelle who also represents  the Mohawk Nation from Canada and opponent  his Julio "El Chupacabra" Perez, who is a Mexican Native Person from the Zapotec tribe of Mexico. Definitely representing the Native Peoples of Canada and Mexico here, along with the whole of NAL courtesy the USMTA!

NAL Champion Mike  Martelle a member  of the Mohawk nation  of North America managed to tapp out the behemoth Booker Gray  a Taino from  Jamaica, with a Holanda (a shoulder lock known to some of you as a "Kimura") late in the second round!!

 It was Booker Gray's first pro MMA fight, but he had a pro Muay Thai record of 6-1 and a purple belt in BJJ. He was much better than I expected, and used his weight (307 at weigh-in) to full advantage.  Booker Gray is  of Taino background  making this a true CARL event He kicked me to the body a lot, and we spent about half the time on the ground. I worked a lot from the bottom, and finally caught him. Great guy, popped right up to his feet smiling and hugged me. Helped me put on the new belt - the new USMTA-NAL World Muay Chaat Cherk Super Heavyweight Championship! 

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