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The USMTA's Muay Boran League, the beginning of an established line of Grappling, Ground fighting, and what today is called MMA or Mixed Martial Arts. However the MMA name has emerged in the late 90's as "new fighting art' but Muay Boran has been around near on 600 hundred years in Thailand and South East Asia. The MBL "Muay Boran League" is to bring forth the Amateur side of MMA, looking after the amateur competitors under a proven guideline of safety and format. Muay Boran is separate from the USMTA's Muay Thai competitive ring art. It is a "big" sister to the battleground fighting system, as both arts at one time were joined together to defend Thailand.

Now with the interest in MMA exploding and a need to protect not just the competitor, but the promoter. The MBL and it's registered officials are here to offer their assistance and guidance. Judge and Referee seminars are available for all and a registered amateur database of competitive fighters is right here.

The MBL is open to all grapplers, ground fighters and budding MMA competitors. Our East coast officers are expanding from state to state, and with your help, will continue to organize seminars and events promoting the MBL and given promoter a database of top quality fighters for their  competitions......


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