Krabi Krabong

The Ancient Roots Of Thai Fighting

Lean The Origin Of Thai Fighting And How To Use It In Real Combat

A Complete Overview

Shockwave Defense LLC & Overpressure Combat Stick Fighting is proud to release Arjarn Jason Webster's first ever Instructional DVD

Krabi Krabong is not just an old fashion discipline whose only contemporary value is entertainment. It is a living martial art with contemporary uses. In his teaching Por Kruh placed emphasis on the performance aspect of the art when he speaks of Krabi Krabong he dwells on its great utility.

Modern weaponry has changed the face of war, making large scale conflict with swords and spears a thing of the past. Yet the weapons of Krabi Krabong still warrant themselves a place in contemporary warfare, and are an essential to training in the realm of combat stick applications.

Krabi Krabong may look deceptively simple, but one should remember that it was a combat oriented art, with practical combat  oriented concepts. Arjarn Jason Webster, the first American gold sash graduate of the Buddhai Sawan, explains the nucleus of the system and how to use its concepts in this easy to follow DVD.


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