USMTA National Muay Thai Boxing Leagues & Divisions



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The USMTA Professional Leagues and Divisions, were officially formed in 1992. At the time 13 Professional divisions were listed, and as of today this has increased to 16 divisions, with more pending. Listed below are the correct American Muay Thai Divisions recognized by 174 countries as the Official United States National and International Amateur Muay Thai weight divisions, registered under the USMTA.

If you are an American Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) fighter and wish to be listed in the National weight divisions, then E-mail:  your fight record, bio and (photographs under JPEG low format ), or post by mail to the USMTA National Head Office.

Please Note: The rankings and ratings of U. S. Professional fighters are listed here, under their respective weight divisions. Although not all American fighters are registered here, it is their own responsibility to contact the USMTA, or forward by post their fight bio's (with correct and valid fighters information).

U.S. Professional  fighters do not have to be a member of the USMTA to be listed, but may be required to fight against registered USMTA fighters if they wish to compete in the U. S.  National Championships. U. S. Muay Thai fighters listed in the Amateur or Professional divisions, have the opportunity to compete in the U. S. International Championships


This section will show you all   thus far recorded U.S. fighters in their respective divisions and leagues. Though this listing is incomplete, it will be updated as much as possible, providing a listing of fighters in both Amateur and Professional Leagues and including  a new section promoting the U.S. Women's and the new Juniors division.

Positioning of the fighters in these pages does not promote their correct ranking.

For correct ranking, you will need to visit the Amateur and Professional Leagues... which is being compiled...

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