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Arjarn Tony Moore of the Sitsiam Camp International, of the BTBC,Manchester, England; sister association to the USMTA (USA)



Greetings and welcome to the International Muay Thai Fighters Database. In this section, you can click on a country link in the Countries listing, which will take you directly to the section of your choice. From there, you can read the data of available fighters who have listed themselves and their current fight records.

This is a great way for International Promoters to choose from the listed fighters for many of the international events that are promoted, in both the Professional Leagues and Amateur Divisions.

Fighters who would like to be listed in this section, can Email for details to Email: camerino@usmta.com 

Or you can forward your data with a site fee of $12 U.S. Dollars per year, for each fighter, irrespective of which country you are from. This will   includes free updates of your fight stats, and a change of photo, if included. The updates will depend on how often the fighters forward their information.

Please Note This section is  new and was started on August 6th 1998. It is still awaiting fighter data. It will be updated as much as possible. If you find information about a fighter which is incorrect,  or If you find a country not listed here that you know competes in Muay Thai, please Email the usmta@usmta.com  with the corrections. Thank you. 


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