In the Ring or out the Ring, the USMTA says lives matter…


Question: At an event, be it Muay Thai, MMA or any other combative sport, How many people could be effected by either Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B..? Answer 10 - 14 plus….

How is this possible? Let me break it down for you.

2 fighters - 1 Referee - 3 Judges - 1 Time keeper/bellman - 1 Score keeper - 2 Officials 2 Corner-men and 2 Medics (possible)

Many a time I have sat at a ringside table and have walked away at the end of the night, not knowing that I have been splattered with blood droplets. It doesn’t mean much and you tend to brush it off as part of the game, just extra washing for the wife. In combat sports it happens all the time.

Well that was in the past…

Today the USMTA has put into practice the Bloodwork for all. Both Amateur and professional competitor no matter what the age is. No matter what the style. If you’re going to compete in a USMTA sanctioned event, then you better have this safety net, because as a fighter it’s not just you anymore that may be affected.

I as just one person have firsthand experience of this so I speak from fact. With the rising concern of Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B quietly on the raise among competitors in all contact sports, there is only two safe ways to make sure we as sports persons do not add to the spreading of this virus. One is do not compete, the other get your bloodwork papers done.

This does not even include HIV or AIDS which is another story

Would you not want to know your competitor is clear of the virus? I would.. Do you think he or she would not want the same from you? I am sure they would. The blood work lasts 6 months before renewal and is one of the ways we play our part in keeping our sports clean.

Wearing Latex gloves does not totally protect a referee or even the medical staff. I am sure you have all seen referees clean the boxing gloves of a fighter who has risen from the canvas on his shirt. Well two problems with this. The fighter may have small amounts of blood on his boxing gloves. The referee may unintentionally assist in spreading the virus to the other fighter, who may also have to rise from the canvas in the next round. The referee does the same thing and wipes the boxing gloves on his shirt. Now the virus is transferred. If the referee is not wearing a vest under his shirt, well this may seep through his shirt to his skin, who knows… I’m not an expert in matters like this, but to me common sense tells me that 3 people may now be infected…

We would rather be safe than sorry, and all USMTA personal and registered fighters are important to the association…

I am asking all schools/camps who value their fighter’s safety and health to work with us and help keep our sport free from this virus.

Please note: In the Tri state area, if a competitor competes in a non-sanctioned smoker or Non USMTA event, new blood work and possible a new medical will be required due to not knowing the medical precautions of other sanctioning bodies or promotions. And that the USMTA now requires that all Sanctioned promotions to have a Licensed Dr. or Physician’s Assistant at every event for fighters safety.

Please remember the USMTA are not the first to do this; many other state commissions have this as mandatory for ‘ring oriented’ sports.

But we are the first to establish this in New York State as mandatory. Other states will follow.