The format for the U.S. National Muay Thai Championships are stated below:


Entry stipulations are simple, complete the registration forms,  (fully) make sure that you send  a passport sized photo, (two if  possible).  Enter all your fight stats, If applicable,  if no fight stats are available please enter 0-0-0  in the corresponding spaces on the form provided.  Print  mailing address, telephone contact number, and email  if any. Also a 15 minute video tape (Standard VHS)  demonstrating  your knowledge of Muay Thai  or applicable martial art skill. The tape must include approx 2 -3  rounds  of pad work,  (i.e. hand pads and  Kick pads.)  Also one session of a general work out, including shadow boxing, kicking  etc. 

 PLEASE NOTE* Entry forms will only be returned to you once,. If there are any areas not completed the for will be returned . If the returned form is still incomplete, it  will be deleted from the listing of fighters. Any incomplete Entry form will not be entered on the National Fighters database, or into the U.S. National Rankings. (Entry fee for all fighters regardless of  position ranking or status, is a standard one time non refundable $12 dollars registration fee ).

Please Note**  All Photo's and Video tapes cannot be returned, Photo's and videos may be used for other promotional  purposes, (Example for other promoters looking for fighters


The rules and regulations are the U.S. standard international Muay Thai  rules recognized in 140 nations. The rules in the United States are regulated by the USMTA (United States Muay Thai Association.) the Judging and Refereeing is overseen by the AMTJRA (American Muay Thai Judge & Referee Association) and the Officials are controlled by the  USMTO (United States Muay Thai Officials).  These organizations are the governing factor for the United States Muay Thai Championship series,  to make sure that everything is under strict control and guidance. No outside interference of any sort will be allowed to participate in the series.


The elimination events are open to all  martial art schools, camps and clubs, regardless of fighting system. Entry to events for non Muay Thai competitors are the same for all Muay Thai fighters. All  regulations Must be abided by.  Thai style shorts (Red or Blue) Must be worn. A  respect to the art and a basic understanding of Thai boxing  fighting techniques is necessary.  ( It is not expected that non Muay Thai competitors know about the rituals of Thai Boxing, but an effort to attempt the rituals would be appropriate)

Some knowledge of the Ram Muay (ritual fighters dance)  should be understood Cassette and Video Tape are available for contenders.  $5 dollars for Ram Muay cassette, $7 dollars for Ram Muay video tape. 

 (Respect is a must at all times.) No  disrespect, foul language, or any none sportsman like  behavior  to opponents, Officials,  Referees, Judges etc.,  will not be tolerated and will result in  elimination  from the event and/or  series at once. (No refund)

Contenders who succeed in the elimination bouts ( usually two events) will receive official Fighters license and will be listed in the National  Fighters Database. They will be  ranked and rated and  move  into the National Play Offs. Contenders who do not succeed will receive a Certificate on competing, Event medal, and Copy of bout video.


The National Play-Offs is Stage Two of the series, this is where successful competitors who have competed in the local and State events, will prepare to enter the U. S. National Muay Thai Championships. Competitors from the  East, West and Mid-West regions of the United States will compete against each other producing a selected amount of winners to enter the National Championships. Winners from the Play-Offs (three events), will move on to the national Championships. Contenders who do not succeed will receive  a Certificate on competing, Event medal, and Copy of bout video, plus gifts.


The National Championships is Stage Three of the series, this is where successful competitors who have competed in the National Play-Offs, will compete to become the U. S. National Muay Thai Division Champion. The Professional League Champions  will receive the National Professional Championship Belt for his or her weight division. The Solid Gold Championship Muay Thai Ring, and certificate.  

The Amateur League Champions  will receive the National Professional Championship Nai Khnom D'Tom Trophy  for his or her weight division. The Solid Silver Championship Muay Thai Ring, and a certificate of recognition, and  copy of bout video.

 Contenders who do not succeed will receive Certificate of competing, Event medal, and a copy of bout video, Official Golden Monkron (for Professionals) Official Silver Monkron (for Amateurs). The U.S. National Muay Thai Divisional Champions will be selected to enter the National Teams


U.S. National Muay Thai Divisional Champions will be selected to become a member of the Official U.S. National Muay Thai Teams, who will represent the United States in several of the upcoming International events.  Fighters Amateur or Professional  will be chosen depending on their availability and on which events are  scheduled. Team members will receive the Official National team Gold Ring Only fighters who make it on to the U.S. National Team will receive the Official Gold Ring . These rings cannot be bought  and are not available to anyone but Team members.) Chosen Amateur National Team members will receive  the Official Silver Ring.


U.S. National Muay Thai Teams main job is  to defend the U. S. International Championship Cups The Professional Cup ( The Millennium Cup) and the Amateurs (The King's Cup Classic) against a chosen international team. The International team can come from any of the 174 nations who compete in the sport of Muay Thai. From Mongolia to Morocco,  from Aruba to Australia, or from Scotland  to Syria.

 Therefore it is essential that the "Best of the Best"  of American Muay Thai Fighters represent the United States in defense of its International  Championship Cups. The U.S. National teams will also enter the Amateur International 'Prince's Cup'  and King's championships promoted by Thailand.  U.S. National Teams will also be eligible to compete in International events overseas.

 Funding for the National Teams are raised by sponsorship, the events and by the National Association. Championship awards, belts, trophies and rings provided by the National Association.




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