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Thom Harinck

Promoter Thom Harinck

Date of birth: 22-12-43 Place of birth: The Hague, Netherlands. In his many years in the martial arts Thom Harinck received many diplomas and other documents for his accomplishments in sports like karate, kenpo, wushu, jujitsu etc. Amongst others a sixth degree black belt from John Bluming in Kyokushinkai karate, a seventh degree in shaolin kempo and he is also a member of the International Sokeship Council.

 He wrote three books about Chakuriki and Muay Thai, produced an instruction tape about Chakuriki and Muay Thai and is Holland's, maybe even Europe's biggest promotor of national and international fights. 

t was January 1972 that Thom Harinck founded the world's most famous Muay Thai and Kickboxing Gym Chakuriki. Chakuriki is a Japanese word which means as much as "the power derived from". Originally Harinck, who trained Mas Oyama's Kyokushinkai karate for a short while, meant the Chakuriki-style to be a mixture of traditional karate, boxing, wrestling, judo and jiu jitsu, coupled with rigid meditation sessions. Another part of the style was handling the traditional kobudo weapons such as bo, manriki gusari, nunchaku and the sai.

1975: Thom Harinck was the first Dutchman ever to receive a diploma of the French Savate association. In the same year trainer Thom Harinck managed to have three European kickboxing champions in the WAKO in Berlin.

1976: He was the co-founder of the NKBB (Dutch Kickboxing Association) and the red thai boxing shorts became characteristic for the Chakuriki fighters.

1978: The Chakuriki team were the first Dutch to fight in Lumpini stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

1979: Chakuriki was declared the best martial arts school by the Hong-Kong martial arts magazines.

1980: Thom Harinck trained the "Hundertmannschaft" of the German anti-terrorist group in Bonn and trained several divisions of the special forces of the Dutch police.

1983: He founded the MTBN (Dutch Muay Thai Association).

1984: He founded the WMTA (World Muay Thai Association) and founded the EMTA (European Muay Thai Association).

1990: He was elected as the only not-Asian in the board of the IMTA (International Muay Thai Association).

1993: Branko Cikatic becomes the first winner in the K-1 tournament of the best eight heavyweight fighters in the world in Tokyo, Japan.

1994: Another heavyweight fighter Peter Aerts, first place in the famous K-1 tournament in Tokyo, Japan. For the third time a Chakuriki fighter wins the K-1 tournament in Rotterdam, Peter Aerts is the best heavyweight fighter.

47 countries became a member of the W.M.T.A. And in Bangkok General Tomrat Yoenyong selected Thom for president of Europe in the IMF (International Muay Thai Federation).

1995: For the fourth time winner of the K-1 in Tokyo is a Chakuriki fighter. Peter Aerts, the best heavyweight fighter of the world.

The first K-1 for ladies in Amsterdam. The winner is the Dutch Chakuriki girl Corrine Geeris. Bangkok, Mr. Montri Mongkolsawad selected Thom for Vice chairman of the world in the WMTC (World Muay Thai Council) from the International Competition.

Chakuriki LogoThe emblem of Chakuriki shows a Thai boxer and a Bull terrier with a twig between its fangs as a sign of peace. The Bull terrier was chosen to resemble because of its courage, intelligence, power, agility and speed. All of these are characteristic for a Chakuriki fighter.

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