I would like to congratulate Grand Master Kim, who has been awarded the first ever Grand Master Muay Thai Award in the USA for his incredible services to Muay Thai in this country. Kru Kim as he’s mostly know, was the first Thai Bangkok Stadium Champion to Teach here and expand the promotion of our beautiful art.

We at USMTA are proud of him and recognize his incredible life long commitment to our way of life. A true Pioneer and real Muay Thai Champion, always humble and full of history and stories that are part of our culture, a great Master (Arjhan) a great teacher. Long Life. We respect you and love you.


I Remember Kru Puk training me when I was a kid… I was a live-in student of his at the MTA Many years ago!! Kru Puk would come in early in the morning and wake me up. Time to go run! 

I would train in the morning, then after training, go next door and eat Thai food.

Also learn how to cook some Thai food as well, helping the cook, clean afterwards; then train again at night, then clean the gym afterwards! I did this without complaint and with honor! I have fought many times in that ring with the in house smokers, still in the same place as I remembered when I was a kid!

Kru Puk, Kru Saekson Janjira, & Kru Coban Lookchaomaesaithong All would teach me & prepared me for my teachers certificate! All 3 signed my Instructors Certificate (Kru) back in 1985!! One of the proudest days of my life, being able to teach the beautiful art of Muay Thai & knowing I was taught to teach by the best!!

Thank you Grand Master Surapuk Jamjuntr for everything you have ever done for me! I’m honored to have been a student of yours!! Congrats again on your well deserved accomplishment!

Grand Master Tong Trithara

Tong Trithara (born on the 3rd of March, 1952  in Banpan, Ayutthaya Province, Thailand) is a Thai-born Muay Thai instructor and former Muay Thai boxer. He is also known for being one of America’s First Muay Thai instructors.

His first encounter with Thai fighting techniques when he was twelve years old when his uncle trained him. Tong fought in Central and Southern Thailand winning around 22 fights. On May 5, 1971 at the age of eighteen, Tong traveled to the United States of America to train at the Thai Boxing Academy and was trained by another famous western style boxing champion and Muay Thai champion named “Niyom Prasertsom”.

The place where this training took place was at the Thai Boxing Academy in Hollywood, California. Saving his money and with help of a Vietnamese Thai Fighter tong was able to open up his own school in the Down Town Los Angeles, California. In 1979 he moved to Springfield, Missouri where he began teaching as well as promoting small Muay Thai events until 1985.

He founded the Muay Thai Academy in Springfield, Missouri in 1989 and the Muay Thai U.S.A. Association in the same year as its president. Later, he became the Muay Thai Technical Advisor for Fighter International Magazine. He now owns and runs Tong’s Thai Cuisine in Springfield, Missouri. Located on south Campbell Ave in the Shamrock Center. Tong’s food and Thai tea brings the true authentic flavors of Thailand to the city and has been in Springfield’s famous 417 Magazine for years. Not only does he offer an amazing presentation with his dishes, the atmosphere is relaxing and friendly.



After several years absence , Britain’s Arjarn Tony Moore, is coming  back to America… The Chief Instructor at the Sitsiam Camp is Arjarn Moore of the (BTBC), British Thai Boxing Council. Arjarn Moore is coming  back to the USA, and his first stop is in New York City. Preparations are in process for several Seminars and courses in Muay Thai, Krabi Krabong (weapons) and Muay Boran…..




On behalf of the Thai government, the Ambassador of Thailand wishes to convey his thanks for your condolences and offers of assistance.

Here is his letter to you :

“I am writing to inform you about the development in Thailand in the aftermath of the Tsunami waves that struck the western coast of Thailand. Six Provinces, Phuket, Trang, Krabi, Phang Nga, Ranong, and Satun were severely affected by the Tsunamis which resulted in great loss of lives and damage to properties.

The Royal Thai Government has made it a top priority to assist all those affected by this catastrophe. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has set up a 24-hour Coordinating Centre for Foreign Nationals affected by the Tidal Waves. The Ministry of Interior has also set up coordinating centres in Bangkok and the 6 affected provinces. The contact details appear in the enclosed Royal Thai Embassy’s Press Release of 27 December 2004.

The Royal Thai Government has announced national days of mourning from December 28 to 30, 2004 to honour the victims of the Tsunami, including Mr. Poom Jensen, the Grandson of His Majesty the King Bhumibhol Adulyadej.

Over the past few days we have been touched by the concern and generosity of the American people wishing to help in the relief effort. I would like to request your kind contribution to the relief efforts. The donations shall be sent to the Royal Thai Embassy in Washington, D.C. or to the bank account that the Embassy has set up for this purpose. Those who wish to contribute items should send them to the Royal Thai Embassy’s annex at 2300 Kalorama Road, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20008. Details of the needs appear in the Royal Thai Embassy’s Press Release of 28 December 2004 as attached hereto.

I would also like to encourage you to monitor the Embassy’s website at for regular updates on the situation in Southern Thailand.

Thank you for your kind assistance and cooperation, I am,

Sincerely yours

Kasit Piromya

Volunteers need

Volunteers need now are forensics experts, but your offers are also needed. Also, we have been advised by USAID and INTERACTION NGO group that individual volunteers wishing to assist in the aftermath in Thailand can work through the Center for International Disaster
Information (contact Suzanne Brooks at 703-243-8900 or They are funded by USAID.

Concurrently, volunteers can contact DEPARTMENT OF DISASTER PREVENTION AND MITIGATION 3/12 U-TONG NOK ROAD, DUSIT, BANGKOK, 10300 THAILAND TEL 1-662-243-0020 UP TO 243-0027 FAX 1-662-241-7466 AND 1-662-241-7499 WWW.DISASTER.GO.TH and other Thai agencies such as Health Ministry (for medical volunteers) by calling the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 24 Hours Coordinating Centre for Foreign Nationals Affected by the Massive Tidal Waves at 66-2643-5262 or 66-2643-5000 Ext. 5003 or 5502 Fax. 66-2643-5256 and in Phuket 66-7622-0459 Fax 66-7622-0361 See and www. for more contacts.

Donations directly to the Thai government, can be made through Embassy’s account : ROYAL THAI EMBASSY’s DONATION ACCOUNT Routing # 054001220 Account # 2000020745479, SWIFT CODE : PNBPUS33 Wachovia Bank, 1300 I Street, N.W., 11th Fl. Washington, DC 20005 and for personal checks or money order payable to: Royal Thai Embassy 1024 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. Washington, DC 20007Remark : Donation Fund

Attached are our needs and contacts for volunteers.


Natapanu Nopakun
Royal Thai Embassy
Inter-agency Cooperation – The coordinating centre in Phuket, which comprises the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Interior Ministry, Public Health Ministry, Royal Thai Police and diplomatic representatives, will set up a “One Stop Service” for search and rescue and body retrieval at the temporary offices of diplomatic representatives in Phuket, which contain a list of the injured, missing and dead, categorised according to hospital. An official will be assigned to facilitate matters. – The Minister of Public Health will set up a “One Stop Service” at Khao Lak, and has requested that officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs be stationed there. In addition, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has asked Foreign Ministry officials to coordinate with
diplomatic representatives in Phuket to send representatives to Khao Lak, and try to bring in forensics experts to Khao Lak as well. At present, 2 Foreign Ministry officials from the coordinating centre in Phang-nga have been dispatched to the Ministry of Public Health’s centre in Khao Lak.


Av. Rivadavia 13876 “6L” Ramos Mejia CP 1704. Buenos Aires, Argentina

2620 Peron Ave, San Fernando (1646), Buenos Aires, Argentina,   Tel: 744-6200

Knock OutŽs Gym
Yrigoyen 1545 Martinez (a 1/2 cuadra de Fleming)
Horarios:Lunes,Miercoles y viernes 14Hs.-18:30 Hs. y 22:30 Hs.
Tel: 15-5-1491122

Villa Crespo “Gimnasio Evolution
Escalabrin Ortiz 545, Villa Crespo, en frente a Panther.
Horarios: Martes y Jueves 21 a 22:30 Hs.
Tel: 15-5-1491122

Belgrano (Las Cañitas) Club “El Rosedal
Chenaut 1940 (Luis M. Campos al 300)
Horarios: Martes y Jueves de 18:30 Hs.
Tel: 15-5-1491122

Palermo Chico “Ocampo Fitness Center
Ortiz de Ocampo (A dos cuadras de Figueroa Alcorta)  Horarios: Lunes y Miercoles 21 Hs.
Tel: 4-801-1971
Telefonos: 15-4-140-5307 y 15-4-030-0413

Olivos “Gimnasio Charly Box
Av. Libertador a 1/2 cuad. de Tren de la Costa- Olivos
Tel. 15-5-012-6337   Horarios: Lunes y Miercoles 18Hs

Club Defensores
Delfor Días (a 1 cuadra de Bomberos) Hurlingham
Horarios: Martes y Jueves 22 Hs.
Telefono: 4450-4113 / 4459-1740

MORENO “Terrazas Gym
M. Melo 176 2º Piso a œ cuadra del Shoping
Horarios: Lunes y Miércoles 18Hs. y 22hs