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Written by Tony Moore in remembrance to Por Kruh Samai

Some years ago I was watching TV, just relaxing in the late evening. My day had been taken up first by work and then afterwards play, which in my case was training in Muay Thai (Thai Boxing). Watching a Programme Transworld Sports and not paying too much attention suddenly the sound of Thai music and a picture of a Thai flag appeared on the screen. My attention was grabbed!  This was my first real look at Krabi Krabong. The school featured in the Programme was the Buddhai Swan Swordsmanship Institute of Ayutthaya. On the Programme they announced that Arjarn Samai Mashamana was the only living Great Grandmaster of this ancient fighting art of Thailand.

In the interview Arjarn Samai showed many weapons and his family gave demonstrations of this fascinating fighting art. I was sold!  My ambition was then to visit that school. It took me nearly a year before I found it. When I was visiting Thailand I asked many people if they knew about the school. Many did but nobody seemed to know where the school actually was. When I did eventually find it, I met the old man who I’d seen on TV. Little did I know that this person was to have a profound effect on the rest of my life.

Arjarn Samai came across a real gentleman in every sense of the word. He showed me around, talked to me about |Krabi Krabong and the Buddhai Swan and showed me many photos. In some of the pictures I noticed a foreigner, (which I later discovered to be Jason Webster from the USA who was the firs foreign student to gain a Gold Sash at the school.)  So I, jumping in with both size nines, asked how one would become a student – well you never know until you ask!   "Oh" the Great Grandmaster answered "You have to be personally introduced by a member of the school or a high-ranking officer or official of the Thai army or government" he told me. 

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Por Kruh Samai & Tony Moore pose for a photo in front of the painting of the King of Thailand

Tony Moore recieves his red sash from the Buddhai Sawan

Praying before the statue of Buddhai at the ruins of Ayuddhaya

King Taksin attacks the Burmese in the final turning point of a 15 year war to drive the Burmese from Siam

Tony Moore & Por Kruh

Young Steven Moore recieves his instructors sash

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