Woody  Fox



Kru Woody Fox
Woody Fox has 29 years experience in the martial arts. He began studying TaeKwon- Do and later Tang-Soo-Do beginning at the age of 14.  His is the current Muay Thai instructor at Southwest TaeKwon-Do and HaeDong-Gum-Do Studio and Martial Arts Center located in West Texas, and is a member of the USMTA .
After befriending and later training with Kru B. Chen for three years he became an assistant instructor, all the while developing his own style of training which he passes on today. Mr. Fox teaches Traditional Muay Thai using ancient and modern training techniques as a complete method of transforming body and mind into one, observing the physical and spiritual growth of his students on their life long journey of self discovery.
Kru Fox can be reached at foxmuaythai@yahoo.com or visit the website at www.southwesttkd.com

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