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Weapon's of Thailand is a compilation of data supplied by knowledgeable persons in the field of Thai weaponry and Thai combative arts from a varied international background. New sections will be added when ever available, to 'Weapons of Thailand' and  links to appropriate sections on history, battles, wars, and unarmed combat areas of Thai martial arts related to weapons  within this Website.


Please note*   The information supplied here is for the interest and knowledge of others, and in no way is meant to indicate that the authors singularly or as a group, are the sole experts of Thai /Siamese historical military arts, fighting techniques, and weaponry. Nor is this section meant to indicate that the Buddhai Sawan , Thai Pichai Yuth, or other Thai institutes of Swordsmanship or fighting arts not mentioned, are the legitimate or government recognized training institutes. It is left to the reader to determine what type of information is relevant to their particular interests and that this section will be up-dated accordingly to the data supplied.

The webmaster will correct any section that may appear inaccurate upon submission of credited material submitted by readers, authors, instructors and other persons of knowledge in this field. The webmaster will not be held responsible for any inaccurate article or data supplied by other readers, authors, and instructors, and should not reflect any intention by the webmaster, to mislead or wrongly interpret  historical facts and data from fiction.

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