NAME                                 WEIGHT DIV.          AGE                         CAMP / SCHOOL / TEAM                                  STATE              RANKING
 Junior Division  - Light Thumb weight   50 lbs  
 Junior Division    - Thumb weight       56lbs      
Junior Division    - Light Needle weight       61lbs  
 Junior  Division  - Needle weight      65lbs   
 Junior  Division - Light Pencil weight     70lbs   
 Junior Division  - Pencil weight   75lbs   
Junior Division   - Light Straw weight     80lbs 
 Junior Division  -Straw weight   85lb  
 Junior Division   Light-Pin weight     90lbs   
 Junior Division   Pin weight      104lbs    
Junior Division     Junior Fly weight      108lbs    
 Junior Division   Fly weight      110lbs  
Men's  Amateur Junior Flyweight   108 lbs   48.88
Men's  Amateur Flyweight       112lbs       50.8
Men's   Amateur Junior Bantamweight       115lbs    52
Men's  Amateur Bantamweight      118lbs     53.524 k
Men's   Amateur Junior Featherweight     122lbs    55
Men's   Amateur Featherweight   126lbs    57.1
Men's  Amateur Junior Lightweight     130lbs    58.9
Men's   Amateur Lightweight   135lb     61.235 k
Men's   Amateur Junior Welterweight     140lbs    63.
Men's  Amateur Welterweight      147lbs     66.678
Men's   Amateur  Junior Middleweight    154lbs   69.
Men's  Amateur Middleweight     160lbs  72.57
Men's Amateur Super Middleweight        168lbs
Men's   Amateur  Light Heavyweight      175lbs     79.3
Men's   Amateur  Mid-Heavyweight      188lbs     -. - kg
Men's  Amateur  Cruiserweight      190lbs     86.183 k
  Men's Amateur   Heavyweight      193lbs+    95.
  Men's Amateur  Super Heavyweight   200lbs+   
Women's   Amateur Junior Featherweight     122lbs    55
Women's   Amateur Junior Featherweight     147lbs    55

Other New York fighters not listed can be added to the form. This  is taken  from the event data received so far, it is incomplete. Corrections and additions can be added. Please forward all corrected fight stats and other bouts and event results. to this email address.

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