Thai Buddha


An innovation of the Ayutthaya period was the wearing of particular colors on different days of the week; Red for Sunday, Yellow for Monday, Pink for Tuesday, Green for Wednesday, Orange for Thursday, Blue for Friday, and Purple for Saturday.

MONDAY  ( Yellow)

Character : good memory, serious, love to travel

Optimum profession : trader, doctor, nurse, fisherman

Very lucky day/color : Saturday / black

Lucky day/color : Wednesday (day) / green

Unlucky day/color : Sunday / orange

Pang Ham Yath Buddha (making peace)

Buddha image for Monday : Pang Ham Yath, making peace

TUESDAY  (Pink) 

Character : brave, active, broad and serious mind

Optimum profession : policeman, soldier, chemist,

cook, hairdresser

Very lucky day/color : Thursday / yellow

Lucky day/color : Saturday / black

Unlucky day/color : Monday / white

Pang Sai Yas (reclining Buddha)

Buddha image for Tuesday : Pang Sai Yas, reclining


Character : ambitious, gregarious, fun loving

Optimum profession : banker, singer, musician, artist, designer

Very lucky day/color : Wednesday (night) / light green

Lucky day/color : Thursday / yellow

Unlucky day/color : Tuesday / pink

Pang Um Baatr (holding the alms bowl Buddha)

Buddha image for Wednesday (daytime) : Pang Um Baatr, holding the alms-bowl


Character : hard working, diligent, honest

Optimum profession : writer, poet, doctor, scientist, actor, archaeologist

Very lucky day/color : Monday / white

Lucky day/color : Sunday / orange

Unlucky day/color : Thursday / yellow

Pang Par Lelai Buddha (the blessed one)

Buddha image for Wednesday (night) : Pang Par Lelai, the blessed one

THURSDAY  (Orange) 

Character : good heart, graceful, tranquil, honest

Optimum profession : judge, lawyer, teacher, clergyman

Very lucky day/color : Sunday/orange

Lucky day/color : Friday/blue

Unlucky day/color : Saturday/black

Pang Samah Thi Buddha (in meditation)

Buddha image for Thursday : Pang Samah Thi, meditation

FRIDAY  (Blue)

Character : ambitious, gregarious, fun loving

Optimum profession : banker, singer, musician, artist, designer

Very lucky day/color : Tuesday / pink

Lucky day/color : Monday / white

Unlucky day/color : Wednesday (night) / light green

Pang Ram Pueng Buddha (contemplation)

Buddha image for Friday : Pang Ram Pueng, contemplation

SATURDAY   (Purple)

Character : logical , tranquil, reclusive

Optimum profession : agriculturist, constructor, miner, bailiff

Very lucky day/color : Friday / blue

Lucky day/color : Wednesday (night) / light green

Unlucky day/color : Wednesday (day) / green

Pang Naga prok Buddha  (protection)

Buddha image for Saturday : Pang Naga Prok, protection


 SUNDAY  (Red)

Character : respectable, carefree, wise, and beloved by both friends and relatives

Optimum profession : manager, official, doctor, trader, craftsman

Very lucky day/color : Wednesday / green

Lucky day/color : Tuesday/pink

Unlucky day/color : Friday / blue

Pang Tawai Natra Buddha (restaint)

Buddha image for Sunday : Pang Tawai Natra, restraint


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