Kru Esteban Maisonet

 Instructor: Kru. Esteban Maisonet, comes from a family of fighters/coaches in Muay Thai and western boxing. He has been studying the martial arts for as long as he can remember, however he truly began taking the arts seriously at the age of nine years old. Kru Esteban studied under Kru Hamza Maisonet

who was a student of Sityodtong camp in Thailand which has produced many successful champions and trainers.

Kru Esteban and his brother Kru Hamza have trained many fighters who have  become champions in amateur and semi pro events. Many professional Muay Thai fighters have also sought them for their instruction and guidance.

Kru Esteban is known for his expert eye and his awesome pad work. He can make anyone, from a beginner to an expert, drastically increase their reaction time and skills. Kru Esteban coached and trained his brother/teacher Kru Hamza Maisonet, thus helping him attain his many championship titles.

Kru Esteban Maisonet has had several fights as an amateur and acquired a professional record of seven wins (4 by knockout), no losses or draws. He became a USMTA New York and Tri State champion and moved on to being certified under USMTA as a referee and judge. He is also certified in boxing under USA Metro Boxing as a coach.


Kru Stevenís knowledge of Muay Thai greatly exceeded my expectations. I learned during class that he is  actually  ďa trainer of trainersĒ and it shows. He breaks down each punch, kick and defensive maneuver into itís smallest component so that even a beginner like me can easily understand. The way he describes each technique is like a second language to him. His patience with each student is one trait that I respect tremendously. Iím amazed at how much progress Iíve been able to make in only a few months.



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