Kru Stephen Strotmeyer

Combined kickboxing (San Da, & International rules) record (18-5-1-1)., Team USA Featherweight A-Class fighter IFMA World Championships 2004,  Fought on Channel 7 and UBC-TV in Thailand, Fought for 2005 WKA North American Featherweight muay Thai Championship. WKA US Amateur muay Thai Featherweight Champion. WKA US Amateur Kickboxing Lightweight Champion. USKBA Action Sports Lightweight Amateur muay Thai Champion (2003). Battlegrounds muay Thai Lightweight East Coast Champion (2003). Superfight competitor in the King of San Da World Championships (2004). Fought for 2003 WKA North American Lightweight muay Thai Championship.

 2002 UWMTA Midwest Lightweight muay Thai Championship (draw). Fought for 2003 WKA North American Lightweight muay Thai Championship.  Member of the WKA Team USA 2003-2005.   Ranked #1 by the IKF Featherweight amateur muay Thai (2004-2005).  Ranked #2 by the IKF Lightweight amateur muay Thai (2003).


Notable opponents: Graeme Ness (Scotland), Darren Robson (Canada), Songkreat (Thailand), Saruul-Od (Mongolia), Tomas Dupuy (France), Jose Villarisco (USA).


Stephen began his training under Kru Sitha “Ood” Phongphibool in Pittsburgh at the US Muay Thai Academy. Originally intending to simply regain fitness, he was inspired at an amateur fight promotion to train hard and try fighting. After 6 months of total training, he entered the ring for the first time, KOing his larger and more experienced opponent – and realized a true love and passion for this sport. He fought 3 more times in the year he trained under Kru Ood, before having to take a year off to finish a fellowship out-of-state.

With Kru Ood’s return to Thailand, the senior fighter from the US Muay Thai Academy, Rigel Balsamico, organized several fighters and former the Cool Hearts MuayT hai club. Stephen was there training on day one, and fighting 1 month later. He fought routinely under the Cool Hearts banner for 2 years. When Rigel moved to New Jersey to start a new camp, Stephen was given the task of running the club and taking on the role as trainer.

 Realizing that self-training and motivation can push a fighter to certain limits, Stephen sought new trainers to elevate his knowledge and fighting abilities. He first began training routinely with Kru Matee “Dragon Leg” Jedeepitak. Under Kru Matee’s tutelage, Stephen began to learn more advanced techniques for the ring, he had not previously learned. He is Kru Matee’s most advanced student and has represented him on several fight promotions.


Most recently, and most importantly, Stephen has studied under Kru Luis Maisonet. Prior to leaving for Thailand to fight in the IFMA’s, Stephen had worked with and consulted Kru Luis to prepare him for that unique competition. While Stephen had learned the true Thai-style of fighting from Kru Matee, not all westerners adopt that type of fighting (e.g., pace, technique). Kru Luis, however, has the unique ability to fight Thai style and incorporate the more aggressive type of fighting typical of European fighters like the Dutch. Because this competition was international, Stephen was taught how to handle that style of fighting from his new Kru. This relationship continues today. Stephen has studied for a year now under Kru Luis gaining knowledge about the fight game and many other aspects of Muay Thai, such as training, running a camp, working with promoters, judging, refereeing, etc. The experience is invaluable, and Stephen is truly blessed to be presented with the opportunities he has under Kru Luis.


Kru Mark DeLuca,  a Coach/Instructor, began training in the art of Muay Thai in April 2000.  During this time he had not competed in Muay Thai, and by the fall of 2001, had stopped training altogether. He trained for just over a year at the US Muay Thai Academy under Kru Sitha "Ood" Phongphibool. Kru Ood  taught him the basic techniques and how they would be applied for self-defense.


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