Muay Thai Terminology

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It is impossible to give the correct pronunciation of Thai words by using the Roman alphabet without auxiliary signs. However, by observing the following pronunciation guide, the words will be understood if used in context.

'a' like the  'u'    in cup

'aw' like the 'aw'    in law

'ee' like the 'ee'    in feet

'ue' like the 'ui'    in french

'aa'  like the 'a'  in spa

'e'  like the 'e'   in set

'o'  like the 'oa'   in board

'ai'  like the 'i'   in fight

'ae'  like the 'a'  in man

'eh'  like the 'ea'   in bear

'u'  like the 'u'   in put

'i'  like the 'i'   in fit

      'oo' like the 'oo' in food          'dt' is a consonant, somewhat between a 'd' and a 't'
Thai English Thai English
Aenken Anklet Huajai Heart
Andap Ratings Hook Hook punch
Baak Mouth Jad Promote
Bangkok Capital Thailand Jamook Nose
Bat Block Kaa Leg
Chaikrong Floating rib Kai Camp
Champ Champion Kai Muay Muay Thai Camp
Chaing mai Northern Capital Kagangai Jawbone
Chok Fight Kamab Temple
Choraked Faad Haag Turning Kick Kao Knees
Dadsin ToJudge/decide Kao Kong Over-arm knee kick
Daihauchai Under the heart Kao Lov Jump knee kick
Dermpan Form of betting Kao Drong Frontal knee kick
Dontree Muay Fight Music Khuen Kru Kruu accepts students
Kao Drong Front Knee Koo ek Main bout
Dtaa Eyes Kradot Jumping
Dtaai To die Kradot Dtae Jump kick
Dtae To kick Kruang Ruang Armulet
Dtae Kao Knee kick Kruu Muay Boxing teacher
Dtae Tao Kick with foot Kwaa Right, to the right
Dtae Wiang Roundhouse kick Lang Tao Instep
Dtai Kidneys Limpee Solar Plexus
Dtai Kao Side Knee Lop To Duck
Dtee To hit Look anta Testicles
Dtee Mat To punch Look gradueak Adam's apple
Dtee Sawk To elbow Look kang Chin
Dtoi To box, boxing Mat Fist
Dtoi Lom Shadow boxing Mat at Uppercut
Faad To thrash Mat drong Straight punch
Faidaeng red corner Mao Mat Punch drunk
Fainamnerng Blue corner Mongkon fighters headband
Falang (Farang) Foreigner Mekon Whiskey Thai Whiskey
Gamagan Referee Muay Acheep Professional boxing
Gaan Dadsin Judging Muay Sakon International boxing
Gangkeng Muay Boxers short Na Kaeng Shin
Gawn Welaa Novice bout Taitoi Nape of the neck
Grajaab Groin guard Tae Foot
Grammon Srisa Top of the head Na Paag Forehead
Nak Muay Boxer Nuam Gloves
Namnak Weight Pang Nga To dodge, evade
Garsawb Punchbag Paa Pan Mue bandages
Hua head Pee Liang Seconds
Huajai lek Iron heart Raigaan Muay Boxing program
Yaek Break ( referee) Ram Muay Ritual dance
Run Weight Category Teep drong Forward foot push
Saai Left, to left Ting Throw
Sanam Muay Boxing stadium Tong Stomach
Sangwien Ring ropes Tong noi Lower stomach
Sawing Swing Uppercut Uppercut punch
Sawk Elbow Wai Kru respect to teacher
Teep Push with sole of foot Wehtee The ring
Teep Dan Lang Foot thrust to rear Wong band (musical)
Teep dueh son Heel push Yaep jab


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