...From a War Torn Land The Sport of Muay Thai is Helping to Bind a nation Again....

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Emblem of the S.L.T.B.A.


Motto:" Fight The Good Fight"

Joseph Kaneka Kanu, President of the Sierra Leone Thai Boxing Association, began his martial arts career while he was in elementary school in the arts of Karate-Do, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Aikido and Kickboxing. He  said " I solely depend on martial arts, training under stress, pain and hunger without knowing international contacts."  War had begun since he had finished his High school education and there were no jobs for him. So he has dedicated his life in the sport of Muay Thai Boxing.

President S.L.T.B.A. Joseph Kaneka Kanu

National Fighters in the provinces (Mabonkani)

Joseph Kaneka Kanu,  is married with one daughter, and presently has survived with his wife and daughter through the war that has ravaged his country by using the sport of Muay Thai.
Joseph Kaneka Kanu,  founded the Sierra Leone Thai Boxing Association on the 26th of February 1998 along with 5 Official members; Vice- President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations officer and Organizing Secretary.

Executive members of the S.L.T.B.A.

Aims and Objectives

1.) To promote he Thai Boxing sport in our country

2.) To encourage and train youths in martial arts.

3.) To Participate in local competition and International competition.

4.) To endure in the sport of Thai Boxing as a lifetime sport.

To achieve these goals posses a great challenge, due to my war ravaged country, and presently the association is beginning a revival once again with the assistance of the USMTA.

The USMTA is proud to have the SLTBA as a representative of the sport of Muay Thai in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

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 International kick boxing competition in Sierra Leone


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