Strike - Zone    America, New York  


Promoter Alex Yus

Alex  Yus,  fighter, trainer and promoter, aged 32 residing and promoting in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx New York. STRIKE-Zone became a Muay Thai Promotional company was established in October of 1998 and successfully made its first event in the last year of this millennium on February 4th 1999, and setting the companies goals to move ahead in to the beginning of the millennium with Muay Thai events throughout the United States. STRIKE was appointed as a National Muay Thai promotional company by the American governing organization, the United States Muay Thai Association (USMTA), one of the largest and most respected Muay Thai organizations in the United States. Alex Yus is  not  alone and  is supported  by his brother, Young Simon Yus who is  becoming quite an established MC at Muay Thai events.



Strike-Zone  have  produced 15 Muay Thai events and 2 boxing events since the they  began in 1999. In that year Strike-Zone  produced  one  of the  best  events  in  New York at the Tryoka,  which is still talked about to day. The  copyrighted Strike-Zone  kneeing an Punching man is becoming an icon in East coast  Muay Thai. To Contact  Strike-Zone at or : Strike Zone Productions 98-15 65th Road, Suite 1E, Rego Park, NY 11374 


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