The English  Oxford Dictionary gives the meaning of a Standard as a "distinctive flag" and Standard Bearer as " soldier etc.",  who bears the standard, a prominent leader in the cause". This description is perfect for a modest unassuming man who has spent the past eleven years promoting and leading the fight to have the ancient Siamese art of Krabi Krabong recognized worldwide.

As a reward for his devoted service to this cause a very reluctant Britain's Tony Moore has been highly honored by the  Buddhai Swan Institute of Ayuddhaya, which can trace it's origins back over six hundred years. The Institute has had designed and officially recognized by the Thai Government, a standard ( a Coat of Arms) bearing the royal symbol and the symbol of the Buddhai Swan Institute which is to be born by Arjarn Tony Moore as head of the Buddhai Swan Institute in Europe and the USA.

Tony has spent eleven years training in Krabi Krabong. Tony More was privileged to have been taught by one of the most respected teachers in Thailand, Grand Master Samai Mesamarn. Arjarn Samai had been honored no less than three times by his majesty the King for his devotion to the Martial Arts of Thailand. After Arjarn Samai passed away in 1998 his son Arjarn Werayut - Head teacher at the Institute took over Tony's teaching. Tony's dedication to training and study of the art and his efforts to promote the art worldwide were recognized by the school over twelve months ago when it was first proposed that Tony head the Institute in Europe. Great names have been associated with the Buddhai Swan Institute throughout it's history and to follow such people as King U-Thong, King Naresuan, King Taskin and of course Arjarn Samai Mesamarn and all of the teachers of the Institute as is his nature, Tony did not feel worthy of this singular honor considering himself just to be a student of the Institute and not in any way seeing himself as a leader.

As interested in Krabi Krabong grows worldwide the Buddhai Swan Institute want to ensure that the standards of the art are not compromised but are maintained  to the highest level. The responsibilities of the position are enormous to oversee that the standards of tuition and practice are maintained is a daunting prospect. This responsibility has been placed squarely on Tony's shoulders. As the person that the Buddhai Swan feel is eminently qualified for the role so on Arjarn Sammai's birthday 5th of May, a special ceremony attended by prominent members of Thai Society and nine Buddhist monks to bless the proceedings was conducted at the Buddhai Swan Institute investing Tony with the Standard which Tony proudly accepted as a great honor not only for himself but also for his school and for his country.

Tony has asked us to express his special thanks to all the students at the Sitsiam Camp International who worked hard raised funds to help the Buddhai Swan Institute with all the legal costs of having the standard officially documented and recognized.


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