Roy Lee Standridge Jr.

Kru Roy L. Standridge ( R.J. Bushido Li ) Has studied martial arts since the age of 8. R.j. began training Muay Thai in 2003 under Arjarn David Oudthone and Kru Christopher Thompson at the Prathet Thai gym in Jacksonville, AR. Learning basic, advanced and expert techniques of Muay Thai.

 Then began learning ancient techniques of Muay Boran. Rj was awarded assistant instructor rank and instructed classes for a year. R.J. also studied Thai culture and native religion, Buddism. R.J. recieved the the rank of Kru from the Muang Thai gym in CO. by Sr. instructor Kru Christopher Thompson. R.J. also holds a black belt in Taekwondo, a black sash in Shaolin Kung fu and has studied Karate and Kuk sool Won. R.J. is currently training in BJJ and Judo.


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