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...'Our First Colorado Muay Thai Title'...


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'No Mercy Extreme Fighting'  presented the Annihilation Cage Fights, Saturday September 6th 2008 at the  City Auditorium of E. Kiowa, Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The  bout  between Francois “Chok” Viray, of  Xtreme Tactics Fight Team, who stacks  up 35 wins and 1 loss to his credit versus Christopher “The Turbine” Thompson of the Iron Shin/Kongo-Do Fight Team with 7 wins and 7 losses with 1KO, was about to begin...


Before start:  Both fighters come out to their songs played  by the Dee Jay, both looking fit and in shape. Francois weighing in at  6’1, 162.4 lbs and Christopher 5’11, 170.0 lbs. Christopher treated the crowd to a traditional Wai Kru/Ram Muay (in a cage what a sight!) while Francois got instructions from his corner. Both fighters met in the center of the ring, got the rules face off, went back to their corners of the cage, and here we go!



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 Francois  Viray  who's nickname 'Chok' means 'fight' in Thai, lives in  Colorado Springs CO.  Francois who is 33 years of age used  to  live  in Seattle, Story:  He is an  International Muay Thai fighter a  2 Time World Champion Muay Thai and a  2 Time committee Champion Japan & China  in Free-style. He is presently an Instructor for the Shaolin MMA Fight Team and trains with the Ohana Martial Arts Academy in Colorado Springs.

Round 1:  Both fighters start slow looking for their range until they began trading leg kicks testing each other. Francois engaged the clinch pressing Christopher against the cage and throwing punches from inside. Christopher worked knees to both the body and legs from the clinch weathering Francois punches. Once separated Francois landed some nice punch combinations while Christopher countered with leg kick until

Francois 'Chok' Viray

 Francois engaged the clinch again, more knees from Chris and more hands from Francois. Near the end of the round Christopher landed a nice head kick seaming to wake Francois up and make him fire back with punches. The round ended with Christopher and Francois in the Clinch.

Round 2:  Again both fighters come out measuring and finding range, Francois attempts a jump knee to which Christopher avoids and beings combos staring with jump punch leading into kicks. They again engage to the clinch Francois has stopped throwing punches from inside and tries throws and pressure to nullify the knees of Chris. Once separated Francois begin his own kick attack landing body and leg kick to Christopher including a Teep to the face. Christopher looks unaffected and even has a smile on his face as the two stand in the center of the ring and in a owed to the Van Dame movie Blood Sport and trade 3-4 leg kicks not attempting to block or move out of the way seeing who can stand the punishment longest. Christopher stopped the leg kick trade off by teep kicking Francois away and the round ends with them both again in the clinch.


Round 3: Both fighters come to the center touch gloves show respect and separate, Christopher with the biggest smile on his face. Christopher began the round with kicking and hand combos answering any shot Francois landed with 3 or 4 of his own. Francois counters back with hand and leg shots Chris unleashes a right leg kick, right head kick, 1 2 combination that pushes Francois into the cage. The fighters engage in the clinch again working for position and knees to the body.  This continues till the end of the fight where once separated from the clinch Christopher ends the fight by punching Francois head gear off and landing an arm kick.


After the fight: Christopher was announced the winner unanimous decision with scores of 30-27. Both fighters carried each other around the cage out of respect. Christopher thanking his God Savior, Wife, trainer Kru Jeff Strickland, and the members of the Kongo-Do fight team.  Christopher’s next dream is to stretch his arms out and grab hold of the Regional and National championships.

....A note to the promoters out there, here is a champion awaiting his destiny…


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