Kru Maurice Travis

Maurice Travis, Fight Record - 56-6-2

Maurice Travis has created a unique style, which merges physical fitness, sports and show business. hr has proven himself as a competitive tough fighter, yet a sensitive creative artist

Fighting Career
- International San Shoo Championship Yan Tai, China 2002 - World Champion Light Heavyweight

- Extreme Combat Champion- Light Heavyweight - Del Mar, CA 2000
- ICHKA (International Chung Hop Kuen Assoc) / World Musty Thai Council - Light Heavyweight

World Champion China 1997
- IKKC North American Kickboxing Champion 1997 San Francisco Ca
- Main Event Fighter, Vale Tudo Batafogo, Brazil 1997

- Super Brawl IV No Holds Barred Champion, Honolulu, HI 1997
- World Muay Thai Federation U S Light Heavyweight Muay Thai Champion 1996,Fresno Ca

- Competitor Rick son Gracre Vale Tudo - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1996

- ICHKA (International Chung Hop Kuen Assoc) / World Muay Thai Council - Light Heavyweight

World Champion China 1996
- 1 M T O International More, Thai Organization North American Minty Thai Kickboxing Champion

1995 San Francisco
- International Muay Thai Organization U S Light Heavyweight Minty Thai Champion 1995

- Western Kickboxing Federation, Light Heavyweight Champion 1994 La Ca
- International Savate World Championships Finalist-Paris, France 1994
- U S World Musty That Federation - Light Heavyweight Champion 1993

- International gavate Semifinalist -Amrens, France 1993
- California Kickboxing Champion 1993 Pasadena Ca
- Mas Oyama Full Contact Karate Champion-Area, HI 1988
- Mas Oyama International Championship Tournament "Fastest Knockout" (13 seconds) 1987
- Mas oyama Full Contact International Championship Finalist, Aiea, HI 1987

- Hawaii Super Middleweight Kickboxing Champion Honolulu Hi 1987
- Arron Banks International Championships-Heavyweight Black belt 3rd 1986

Film / Video

Lead heavy Hong Kong fight film The Champion March 2004

- Host for Combat Sports News Network Show for the Martial Arts Network
- Commentator for World Kickboxing Championships. Insyne Productions, Los Angeles, CA

- Principal - Bob Gale video game "'Tattoo Assassins
- Principal m the motion capture video "Ganida" Modem Cartoons
- Principal / Choreographer for 3-D Animated Program "Warriors of Virtue" Mr Film

- Choreographer for Kick boxer 11 (Directed by Albert Pyunn)


Live action feature at Warner Bros Kids May 29 Release

- Politically Incorrect TV Show Guest
- E Television Special - Making of the Tattoo Assassins Video Game
- "Tow of Duty" PVT Wolfe - Kings Road Entertainment
- Video Game Review (UFC- Ultimate Fighting Championships)- TECH TV

- Playboy sensual videos Principal - Sensual Beatniks- Peter Bunch Director

- On Screen Performances
- Black Belt -Ninja Dragons Fist of Steel
- Blood Fist IV -Nina Boy Iron Fist

- Blood Fist V - Fist of Honor
- Ring of Fire, Part 11 - Cyber Tracker
- Ring of Fire, Part 111 - Hell Zone
- lee - To Be The Best
- Red Sun Rising - Death Match 2000


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