Master Sken Kaewpadung


Master Sken Kaewpadung's arrival in the United Kingdom in 1977, represented the introduction of the style of Muay Thai to Martial Arts community. It has increased in popularity and is now one of the truly major styles. Most of the credit for this growth belongs to Master Sken, and without his presence the style would have far fewer followers.  Master Sken originated from Northern Thailand, and he comes from a family well versed in the skills of this style.

 The progress of Master Sken in the competitive world of professional Muay Thai is legendary, and in short order he became one of the most admired and respected fighters today his record of having never suffered a knock out during any of his professional fights, and real life fights remains a goal for the up and coming Thai boxers.

Master Sken was also an ex-member of Thailand's Tae kwon do squad and he too had a formidable Thai boxing record. He had to flee to the UK to escape death from gangsters who wanted him to throw a fight and so came to stay in the UK with Master Toddy.

Following his retirement from the professional Muay Thai field, Master Sken decided to accept the challenge afforded to him by the teaching of others. He holds a degree in Physical education, and is an accepted expert in the subject of Nutrition. 1977 heralded the arrival of Master Sken in Great Britain, and within a short time the word of his skills had spread, and the sport of Muay Thai was well and truly established.

Master Sken became a co-founding member of the British Thai boxing Council, and a founder of S.I.M.T.A.which is officially affiliated to the Thailand Professional Boxing Council.

Perhaps the most supportive fact of the contention that Master Sken is responsible for is the growth in popularity of the sport of Muay Thai in Great Britain, and the inherent quality of training that is now available, is that during the period 1981 to 1989 Nine holders of championship titles at British and World Champion level, are from the Sitnarong Camp.

There can be few men who have contributed so great an amount to a given sport during a lifetime, and in the case of Master Sken this is all the more remarkable when you consider that his "lifetime" is very much far from over.

The sport of Muay Thai, already owing him so much, continues to receive his undivided attention, and if the 20 last years or so are anything to go by, time is destined to see Muay Thai continuing to grow by leaps and bounds. In the opinion of many, this sport is set to become at least as popular, and may well surpass the style of Western Boxing as the first choice of the viewing public.

From the original nucleus of students in the north west of England the sport has been carried to regions further afield, and in each region has become well established. United Kingdom numbers in the branches of Sitnarong camp and it is now the turn of World Wide to be exposed to what must be the most rapidly growing sport around, initial evaluation showing a high degree of demand.

There can be little doubt that the future will see a complete network of locations which are teaching and promoting the Sitnarong style of Muay Thai, and embodied in the style, the teaching and morals of Master Sken. In this age of Material Possessions and a move away from traditional values, the return to a sound moral life style and the requirements for self discipline that are embodied within the code of Sitnarong Muay Thai can hardly fail to be and asset for the youth of today.

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