Master Lek


Master Lek began Muay Thai when he was 7 years old.  In Thailand everyone does Muay Thai.  However, some take it more seriously than others.  Lek was one of those youngsters who had Muay Thai in his blood. He would tell his father he was going to play soccer (a more respectable sport). 

  For the next ten years, Lek would fight at any opportunity he had.  He had three instructors through his Muay Thai career, each teaching Lek their specialty.  Each instructor taught not only Muay Thai, but pride in the sport, the importance of sportsmanship, humbleness, self respect and many other traits Lek still practices and has continued to teach his students.

Master Lek came to Ohio over 30 years ago.  He spoke very little English on arrival and has since become a successful and well respected community mentor.  He has managed several businesses and been a consultant for other  ventures.   While Lek’s professional career has been wide-ranging, Muay Thai has always been the focus.   It wasn’t strange to have students visit Master Lek (at work) seeking guidance about techniques, footwork or life in general.

While adjusting to the “American” rules of business, Master Lek has held true to the “old school” rules of Muay Thai.  This may be why he is one of the most sought after Muay Thai instructors.  He is extremely proud of the history and culture and strives to preserve the traditional thinking.  This is difficult with sports becoming more and more commercialized.  However, it doesn’t take long while talking to Master Lek to see that it is his heart, not his wallet, that belongs to Muay Thai.


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