Master Bob Karmel

Master Bob Karmel is a living legend with nearly three decades of experience as a dedicated martial artist, athlete and world renowned trainer. With a reputation as the toughest trainer in the world, Master Bob has put more winning pro athletes to their test in Thai boxing, boxing and mixed martial arts than anyone alive. It has been said that if you want to win, the road to being a champion must lead through the camp of Master Bob.

  • Height: 5 9
  • Contest Weight: 230 lbs
  • Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
  • Occupation: VP JSNitro
  • Favorite Cheat Food: Pizza


  • Thai Boxing: Master Level
  • Wing Chun: level 10 Instructor
  • Jeet Kune Do: Instructor Apprentice program
  • Nei Wai Chia Kung Fu: 2nd degree Black Belt
  • Chinese Hawaiian Kempo Karate: 2nd degree Black Belt
  • Sessen Jutsun Aiki Ju Jitsu: 2nd degree Black Belt
  • Cabales/Serrada Escrima System: level One Instructor
  • AZ State Director US Muay Thai Boxing Association
  • AZ State Director Thai Boxing Association USA
  • Promotor of 1st Sanctioned Muay Thai Fights In USA
  • 1998 National Siam Award
  • Certificate of Appreciation US Muay Thai Association
  • Certificate of Appreciation British Thai Boxing Council
  • Founder of Fairtax Muay Thai Camp USA
  • First American To Become A Trainer In Thailand
  • Competitive Fighter Living in Thailand
  • Pro Muay Thai Boxing Trainer
  • Pro American Boxing Trainer
  • USA Boxing Coach
  • AZ State Linenced trainner



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