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Written by Robin N. Sniffen    USMTA-NAL Coach Women's Team   -  20.06.2010, OK. City, OK


Muay Pram Championship Categories


Competition in the Art and Sport of Muay Pram for the USMTA-NAL

shall be divided in the following Categories of Competition.


shall consist of the following competitions

a. Local Championship   ( City ,Town and Village Competitions.)

b. State Championships  (State and Provence Competitions.)

c. Tri - State Championships  (Bordering States Competitions.)

d. Regional Championships  (Group of the States in a Region Competitions.)

e. National Championships (National Competitions.)

f. International Championships  (Competitions between Countries.)

 g. Inter - Cont. Championships  (Competitions with Bordering Countries.)


shall consist of competitions that   one must receive an INVITATION to compete in.

a. Open Division Invitational Championship (No weight classes.)

b. Women's World Muay Pram Championship (Women Only.)

c. Handicapped World Championship (Handicapped Competitors.)

d. Junior National Championships (Invitational for Ranked Juniors.)

e. Junior World Championship (Invitational for Nationally Ranked Juniors.)

f. Senior National Championship (Invitational for those over 40 years.)

g. Senior World Championship (Invitational for Ranked over 40 years.)

h. Kru Championship (Invitational for Muay Pram Instructors Only.)


shall consist of Championships for special groups of competitors to compete in.

a. National Military Championships (Open to all branches of the Military.)

b. Law Enforcement Championship (Open to all L. E. Depts.)

c. Presidents CUP (Open to select groups and individuals.)

d. Queens Cup (Queen of Thailand Birthday Cup Competition.)

e. Kings Cup (King of Thailand Birthday Cup Competition.)

f. Prince's Cup (Junior Cup for the Prince of Thailand.)


shall consist of the following competitions which are open to all Native American competitors.

a. Tribal Championship  (any Tribe or Nation may hold this competition.)

b. Inter-Tribal Championship (Competition between 2 or more Nations.)

c. Chiefs Cup Championship (Competition in honor of the Chiefs.)

e. USMTA Chief Cup Championship (In Honor of Arjarn Heyliger.)


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